Natsuyuki Rendezvous First Impressions

I’ve been looking forward to noitaminA’s block ever since Sakamichi no Apollon ended. You can definitely say this was the one I was most interested for this season. 

Summary: It talks about Hazuki’s one-sided love with the flower shopkeeper, Rokka. His chance to change came when she needed a part-time worker. Months have passed but he still hasn’t expressed what he felt. He enters Rokka’s apartment. There he encounters a naked man, who he mistakes as her lover. He feels depressed that he got dumped before he even got to confess.  Hazuki meets the naked man again. He finds out he’s Rokka’s dead husband- meaning a ghost. Shimao Atsushi is surprised that someone can see him.  We later meet his older sister, Miho who’ll be helping out with the shop.  She reveals it will be Rokka’s birthday but Rokka doesn’t want to remember it because it’s the same day as her anniversary. Later, Hazuki’s feelings were revealed and he chstates it cleary to Atsushi that he’ll steal Rokka from him.

Thoughts: I like how we’re dealing with a man’s unrequited love. It’s pathetic because he’s supposedly a grown up and should have more courage unlike a high school student. But being pathetic and eventually maturing (to be the ideal man) is what makes this anime’s potential exciting. The ghost factor just makes it more complicated and adds a mystery dimension. It’s not just ending with one of them but what is the medium for it. Regardless, the animation is just as good as any of the recent anime. It’s strength lies in the magnificence of the flowers. The colors and various shapes make me appreciate flower arrangement pieces. But it would be much better and plain genius if there was a hidden connection with being a ghost and all these wonderful flowers.

Initial Rating: 8/10


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