Oda Nobuna no Yabou First Impressions

The last from all the summer animes, but definitely not the least. 

Summary: Yoshiharu decides taking over Hideyoshi’s place isn’t so bad. Another character was introduced, which is Saitou Dousan, the daimyo of the West. It transitions to an Oda meeting where Yoshiharu “predicted” that she’ll meet Dousan. It was a trap to kill her. But if fails due to Yoshiharu. Another character is introduced Akechi Juubei, genius who began to distinguish herself.  Tensions were raised in discussion. Yoshiharu breaks in and says he’s from the future. He reads his mind and Dousan ends up giving up Mino province to Nobuna.

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Thoughts: This a very unusual period anime. I like how historical facts are bended just like the gender. It’s good that these facts are told in dialogue instead of boring narration that I had a problem with in Hakuoki. It’s very moe-filled and entertaining. It’s different way to use a person from the future who knows the game. I find it hilarious that he assumes everything is a dream. That line between reality and imagination explains the bending details. If there’s a point in the anime where Yoshiharu decides to change the course of history and face the consequence, or the realizes the fear of how he can get back to the future, then I guarantee that this will be a great anime. Those two situations seem ideal to keep the plot moving. I would be interesting if one of my predictions actually came true. Well, regardless this pilot episode was satisfying enough.

Click here to enlargeInitial Rating: 7.5/10

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