Weekly News Updates: July 8, 2012 to July 14, 2012

This section gets harder and harder to maintain due to my busy schedule.


  • Lee Sang Yeob (Can’t Lose) joins the supporting cast of Nice Guy as Park Joon Ha, a lawyer , kindhearted man, caring and friendly. He loves Moon Chae Won and acts a s her guardian angel.
  • Ahn Jae Mo (Scent of a Man) makes his first appearance in the 42nd episode of MBC’s weekend drama Soldier.  He will play chivalrous Im Yeon, Kim Joo Hyuk’s stepson. Im Yeon is a character full of loyalty and significant figure in the battle against Mongolia which brought Kim Joon to power during the Goryeo dynasty.
  • Ki Tae Young (Creating Destiny) joins teen idol’s drama To The Beautiful You. He will play Jang Min Woo, he’s a mysterious doctor who responsible for medical room of all-boys physical education high school. As the school’s doctor, Jang Min Woo is the first person to find that Jae Hee is a girl. But he doesn’t reveal that secret, instead he takes care both Jae Hee and Tae Joon just like their guardian angel and gives help whenever they need it.
  • Upcoming October SBS weekend drama My Love, Butterfly Lady is about former top star Nam Na-bi, who has more anti-fan cafes and now lives with the in-law’s due to some incidents.


  • While Breaking Up, starring Kim Min-hee (Moby Dick, Love and Marriage) and Lee Min-ki (Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Chilling Romance) as a couple who break up and make up over and over again. Kim Min-hee hasn’t confirmed, but the prospects are good, and Lee Min-ki is reportedly signed on to be the leading man.

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