Drama Bites July 15, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

Yesssss, Big is back on top! I have an inkling this will continue for the rest of its run. But of course Bridal Mask is just as good. This week is just more of a personal preference.

Big Episode 11-12

I thought the second half would be plagued just like last week’s lulls. I’m thankful that isn’t the case. I loved the episodes this week. It’s back to the Big I originally got hooked to! It’s probably because they actually focused on the main characters who we care about. The cute bonding moments truly make Da Ran see Kyung Joon for who he is. It’s just so hard to restrain those feelings and be the rational adult.

Just when she realizes her feelings for Kyung Joon, out comes a giant plot bomb. What a turnaround, the revelation that Yoon Jae really loved her! Then all the tears and feelings she tried to forget were for naught. But she can’t go to the past anymore because her heart belongs to someone else. Yes, there’s a need to quote it because I was all jittery with excitement when I heard Da Ran say it in the preview.

  If Yoon Jae returns to who he was before, at that time I will let him go.

Of course, who wouldn’t want a guy who both considerate and respectful, while not losing the child-like quality of being playful yet tentative? But both their inability to say how they really feel is the reason why they are hurt with all the misunderstandings. The most palpable one being Kyung Joon thinks Da Ran loves Yoon Jae and she’s hurting because she doesn’t love Yoon Jae.

Luckily, Da Ran has passed that hurdle in the perfect episode 12. She let go of all her hesitations as not to regret not choosing to be with Kyung Joon. There were so much win moments in that episode that I have no idea where to begin discussing.

I liked how Kyung Joon was the first to make the move but didn’t force Da Ran to make her choice immediately. The ring was significant because it shows whether Da Ran wanted to be committed to Yoon Jae forevermore. So when Da Ran finally decided to really let him go, I couldn’t help but squeal while Kyung Joon broke into a big smile.

There were so many things to attribute to that grand breaking point. One would be how the garbage symbolism was used wonderfully. Then the cute moments during camp. Finally, when he was tearfully revealing his heart and fear:

Gil Teacher, you know me. So even if I disappear, can’t you remember that I was here? And don’t clean me out. Don’t just be so happy at Seo Yoon-jae’s return, but think of me too, okay?

Gahhhh, that line breaks my heart every time I replayed the scene in my head. I also loved how almost every dialogue has a double meaning to it.

Episode 12 has opened the doors to more possible theories on the ending. I can’t decide what I want anymore except for Yeon Jae and Da Ran to have a bittersweet parting. He should wake up, tell her that saranghae from the first episode and letting her choose who she wants to be with. Either the fact that Yeon Jae’s sickness is back just adds to the overall mystery.

There are still some weaknesses here and there. The ones I’m having a hard time reconciling with are the mom of Yoon Jae, and the near-miss meetings. Her reasoning for everything is just selfish. Don’t want to elaborate anymore because she falls under K-drama mom tropes. As for the near-miss meetings, I wasn’t so bothered until episode 12. The one with Mari was just wrong timing. These factors don’t affect how awesome the two episodes were. Here’s to wishing the Hong Sister will end this with a bang!

Now that the payoffs to achieve this was well worth it! 😀

Bridal Mask Episode 13-14

First and foremost, I’m sorry this week’s section for Bridal Mask isn’t as long. I’m pretty exhausted lately so hopefully whatever I wrote here will suffice for the mean time.

There were several aspects worth exploring but this week’s theme is the difficulty in keeping the dual identity. Kang To has slipped one too many times. Soon, his original white lie will be too difficult to cover. It’s interesting how Shunji is doubtful of his own friend and how quick he is to put the signs together. It makes the battle of quick with all the more exciting.

THE ACTUAL BATTLE FOR THE ANNEXATION PAWNED ALL THE AWESOMENESS! Wow, he took up a whole army that was armed. I was cursing as I watched the action scenes attentively. Yes that +100 points for it.

Anyway, one pivotal point in this drama is how Shunji has truly turned to the dark side. Hi public display of violence was not a pretty sight to look at. He’s literally a monster consumed with anger. It’s more than just Mok Dan not reciprocating his love. But in relation to her character, the fact she called with a Jap bastard and even sided with Gaksital in front of his face, Shunji has lost the tiny trust he had left for the Joeson people. That triggered his anger definitely. As I said, it’s more than just Mok Dan because his frustrations in life just got worst. His brother Kenji died, countless failures to catch Gaksital, pressure to live up to what the newspapers wrote about him and finally the discharge of his father. When you are in skin deep in a whole lot of shit like Shunji, you’re driven to a corner and end up mad.

Kang To was once like Shunji, but is slowly coming to the light. It was touching how Dam Sa Ri knows he’s changing for the better and is trying to make Kang To understand the real meaning to fight. Dam Sa Ri holds the key for Kang To’s true resolve as Bridal Mask. I just hope that it’ll happen before Shunji will do anything rash. Regardless, it’s just sad that he never totally realized that Kang To is Gaksital.

Back to the annexation parts, it was a symbolic meaning to chop off the annexation banner. I was so moved by a direct metaphor for the situation during that era. Did anyone notice Konno’s sinister smile? He looked pleased that Taro was gone. I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the fact, he would like to usurp his brother’s Governor-General position.

An angle worth exploring is the relationship be Mok Dan and her dad. I personally am getting annoyed with her character. She’s like I need to be there and end up like a damsel in distress. If she really loved her father, she should be more level-headed like Rie because she knows her value for her respective side. Connecting to Rie, another interesting relationship is between her and Kang To. He knows she’s hiding a big secret. I’m sure he’ll find out eventually.

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