Drama Bites July 23, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

Sorry for the delayed post! It’s been one hell of a week so it’s getting harder to maintain this section.

Bridal Mask Episode 15-16

This will be one short post since the actions scenes were too amazing that my mind came to a blur with the fast paced events this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes especially those nail-biting endings. It’s just I don’t have the right words to describe the awesomeness.

I promise to make up for this next week. The main thing is that Kang To has run out of excuses to prove he’s not Gaksital. The love excuse was cutting it close. It’s a good thing he knows how to use psychological pressure to his advantage. I’m interested to see how he’ll worm himself out of this sticky situation. Will he finally be on the run? When will Mok Dan ever find out the truth? Ahhhhh, so much questions that add to the adrenaline rush.

Big Episode 13-14
The main highlight for this week’s episodes was the complications and mysteries of returning to the original bodies. And it’s not just the mechanisms because there is the conflict of explaining what happened to the other characters.

I’ll discuss the mechanisms first. There are basically two dilemmas which are death and memory. Death came in the form of the surgery and Yoon Jae’s sick body. Picking up from where episode 12 left off, Da Ran lied to Kyung Joon just so he’ll get that surgery and live. That was the plot from episode 13 until the confession from Da Ran in the airport. Then for the memory aspect, there’s the possibility that all the time they spent together when he goes back to his original body will be lost. That’s worst than amnesia because they can never be retrieved again. I really like the dilemmas but the presentation of it veered to some makjang territory. Luckily, it didn’t dwell to much into makjang side to make it blown out of proportion.

Another thing worth mentioning is how I pretty much hate everybody in the Seo family. They are seeming weak and contrived family. All their loneliness and “pain” stems from that irritable attitude. The mom is outright terrible for only focusing her all on Yoon Jae. Even if someone else carried Kyung Joon, the fact that it’s her son says a lot about her abandonment. The dad is also very flighty. Of all the people to ask, you ask your mistress to carry a baby that isn’t even hers. Then after all this messed up fiasco, he just conveniently disappears. Yoon Jae is at fault as well for being a noble idiot. He didn’t have to hide his condition from everyone. There are things that just has to be expressed.

Well moving on from that mini-rant, I’m glad for Da Ran’s maturity. The airport scene was proof that she sincerely loved Kyung Joon. And true love doesn’t mean supporting his decision to be an irrational child and run away, but it’s supporting them to do the right thing. The right thing here is to put everything back in order.

In the final scene, there are some who might be annoyed that it’s a fake-out. It may seem that way but it isn’t the case. The Hong Sisters left clues that it’s still Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body. I wonder why didn’t let the switch happen already though.

Anyway, before concluding this post for Big I want to comment on how kind and hopeful Kyung Joon’s surrogate mom was. That no matter what happened to her, she only wishes the best for her son. Glad to know there was someone to support him like that. If only his true family would love him the same way at last.

2 thoughts on “Drama Bites July 23, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

  1. I gave up on Big n decided to check it out once it ended but with yesterdays episode, I’m not even going to do that! 😐 As for Gaksital, it is my current LOVE ! 😉 And only one episode per week for this week and the next!? NNNNOOOOOOO!!!! T_T

    • I actually my love for Big waned towards the end. I read some other blog’s comments saying how there probably wasn’t enough content for 16 episodes. It would have been better as 12. I have to agree because pacing-wise, it’s pretty bad. I don’t think I love Gaksital much you. 🙂 But I’m certainly enjoying it more now. I just need more reason to like Mok Dan. I’m trying so hard but I’m not feeling her character. 😐 Yeah, all the drama have preemptions due to the Olympics. Well make the most of the drama hiatus to catch up with some backlog 😉 I might to do just that.

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