Weekly News Updates: July 15, 2012 to July 28, 2012

I’m sorry for not posting anything last week. Aside from the fact I’m busy, there was literally only one news worth sharing. Well this week was relatively better so no problem in delivering it.


  • Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye reconnected at the Heartstrings Fan Meet that took place at the Tokyo International Forum on July 16th.

While it garnered poor domestic ratings, the drama has become very popular in Japan. (read more)

  • Ki Tae Young will be releasing a song titled ‘Oh, My Fairy‘ for his wife Eugene in celebration of their one year anniversary.


  • After a few weeks of extension rumors, weekend shows Dr. Jin and A Gentleman’s Dignity have both come out with official stances. A Gentleman’s Dignity, which is by far the more buzzed-about hit show between the two will end with Episode 20 as planned. MBC is keen to keep Dr. Jin going, even though the show is stuck in low-teens ratings. Originally planned for 20 episodes, the series will now end with 22.
  • Pre-emptions of dramas due to the London Olympics. Time to catch up with the back-log ones! (read more)
  • Han Ji Min will make a variety show appearance in Running Man.
  • MBC is planning a 32-episode drama for 2013 known as Empire of Gold.
  • Another 32 episode drama known as Goddess of Fire Jeongi is also slated for 2013. It will be directed by Park Seong-soo (No Limit) while screenplay will be Kwon Soon-gyoo (Warrior Baek Dong-soo). It is about the Chosun’s first dish making woman’s life full of up’s and down’s.
  • Seo Woo (If Tomorrow Comes), aside from her 2-epiosde MBN project Knock, she was recently casted in Glass Mask. It will follow Yellow Boots and is about to go into filming in August. Park Jin-woo (I’ll Give You Everything) is being mentioned for the main role.
  • Kim Myung-min‘s King of Dramas set to air after Faith.  Updates on the synopsis: Kim’s character Anthony Kim is a drama producer with a Midas touch who believes that dramas just have to make tons of money. As the CEO of an outside/independent drama company, he’s successful but his fixation on money gives him a mean streak. The other two leads, as yet uncast, are a rookie writer who believes dramas should be all about humanity, and a top-star actor.
  • OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! Joo-won (Bridal Mask) is offered the lead role in the upcoming drama adaptation of hit 2009 film Level 7 Civil Servant. The drama version is tentatively called Secret Man and Woman. It’s a romantic comedy about a regular guy who dates a woman not knowing that she’s actually a super-secret agent. She eventually ends things to keep her cover, and then returns years later only by then he’s been recruited to be a super-secret spy too, and their jobs start to complicate things. The script is written by the original film’s writer, Chun Sung-il. It’s reportedly got a slot on the MBC lineup, as a 24-episode Wednesday-Thursday drama, set to follow Arang and the Magistrate.
  • Vampire Prosecutor 2 began filming last week and will premiere on OCN in Septembe


  • Uhm Tae-woong (Equator Man, Introduction to Architecture) has another movie in the works, having been cast in a movie with the director he worked with in Chaw, is a quirkily comic take on its wild-boar-rampages-the-village theme. his character description when he finds that he’s not the cop out to shut down the dog-fighting ring, but the gangster who loves dog-fighting. The Dog plans to complete casting and enter production in October.

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