Drama Bites August 5, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

One episode of Bridal Mask isn’t enough D: Screw you Olympics. I’m glad no more pre-emptions starting next week!

Bridal Mask Episode 18 

In relation to the previous episode, we’ve seen the shock and pangs of dumbfounding revelation on Mok Dan’s part. There was a sequence of flashback, which really drive the point that Mok Dan was really mean to Kang To. The regret with her words are even stronger because of it.

It’s nice how everything is out in the open, but seriously the kiss was out of place. The emotional connection they had with the revelation was not that strong as when Kang To’s explanation of what truly happened. Anyway, what’s done is done.

What makes up for it is how Kang To kept pouring out everything out to Mok Dan later on. The sad end to his family up to his mental frustrations. I just love how the feelings he’s been keeping in is finally out in the open. He’s truly gone a long way. From what began with guilt at first, then turn to a desire to alleviate the suffering he saw. I swear that kiss earlier would have been nicer in this scene. There’s more emotional stirrings here.

If you’ve read my past posts, you must know how much I don’t like Mok Dan’s character. Well she manages to redeem herself in this episode. But everything started that with that kiss! It’s a wonder how a tiny physical contact could change her mind. Anyway, the change is good. Suddenly she can see things clearly. She knows what she has to do and is determined to fight to the end. I loved how she lied and used Shunji. She’s mean for abusing his feelings for her, but it works to her and Kang To’s advantage. It’s a miracle how she wanted to become a good pillar of support for him. I hope this development in her will stay.

On the other hand, I’m not loving what Rie has succumb. She’s an annoying mistress who only knows how to order Katsuyama around. Her role is starting to become of that of a bitch second lead who just threatens people with a show of her power. A power that is not hers to wield in the first place. I’m irritated by her petty jealously moments as well.

Regardless, the stakes are definitely higher seeing how Shunji was bribing Joeson freedom supporters as well as setting a trap for Bridal Mask during Dam Sa Ri’s public execution. It goes to show that he only joined Kishokai to catch Gaksital and not because of ambition. I think his burning desire to catch Gaksital is because of Mok Dan. He really loves her and wants to be the one who she regards as a hero.

Like I said, Shunji is not a total villian. He still has gray areas such as when he was hoping that his friend, “Sato Hiroshi” is not Gaksital. He didn’t want to see the connection with Mok Dan’s Gaksital rescue and the fact that Sato is not reporting for work as a valid proof of his hunch. Although Kang To is starting to get curious as to what the connection between Ra Ra and Shunji truly is. I’m surprised he associated it to Kishokai movement right away.

The final thing I would like to discuss this week is how Gaksital has become the beacon of light for the Joeson people! This hope was personified as Leader Jo stepped in the crowd where white. Other sympathizers joined him immediately. It’s a beautiful sequence where an unplanned revolt started. This leads to one of the most nail-biting cliff hangers everrrrrrr. I can’t wait to find out what happened after the explosion!

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