Arang and the Magistrate (UPDATED)

“Arang and the Magistrate” Stills Featuring Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki Unleashed

This is another fusion sageuk I’m looking forward to for August! Aside from a fantastic cast, the story is quite interesting. What more do we need? This will technically follow MBC’s I Do, I Do. The original July premiere got pushed back to August 15 due to the London Olympics. The introductory special will air on Wednesday, August 8 though.

This will be Lee Jun-ki’s first drama back from army duty and Shin Mina’s anticipated return to the small screen since her insanely popular turn as a modern gumiho.

The drama is based on famous folklore. During the Joseon era in the city of Milyang, Arang was the pure, beautiful, good-hearted daughter of a magistrate. She grew up without a mother, and was raised by a wicked caretaker who conspired to have her be raped and ruined by a servant. He attacked and she resisted, so he stabbed and killed her, and left her body to rot in the woods.

Her father was dishonored when he heard that she eloped with a man and so resigned his position swathed in shame. Thus the legend goes that every time a new magistrate comes to Milyang to fill the position, Arang’s vengeful ghost shows up to tell him her story and he flees in terror. But one day a new young magistrate comes to town by the name of Lee Sang-sa. Arang appears to him like every other magistrate before him, but this man doesn’t flee, and instead sympathizes with Arang, and promises to find her killer and avenge her death.

Directing will be the PD who did the gorgeous Can You Hear My Heart, the spooky Hon, and the funny Fantasy Couple. While the writing by Jung Yoon-jung, who has done a drama special as well as both seasons of Chosun Police. Check out the official website for more details.


Shin Mina (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho)  She plays the ghost, Arang, who continued to haunt every new magistrate who came to the town, until Lee Sang-sa finally listened to her tale and promised to solve her murder.

Lee Jun-ki (Time Between Dog and Wolf) He plays the new magistrate Lee Sang-sa, who doggedly pursues clues about his mother’s disappearance; he feels nothing in the world matters aside from that. His character seems like he treats people coldly, but he feels a lot of sorrow and sympathy for them.

Yeon Woo-jin (Ojakgyo Brothers) He plays Joo-wal, the villain a high-ranking official who schemes and plots to serve his ambition. He’s very clear on his goals, and devoted to achieving them.

Hwang Bora (Love Rain) She plays Bang-wool, a shaman with questionable powers, who ends up assisting Arang. She’s only half-talented in the spiritual arts because she hears the voices of ghosts but can’t see them.

Kwon Oh-joong (The Duo, Gourmet). He plays Lee Jun-ki’s manservant Dol-swe. He’s a simple-minded fellow, strong as an ox and loyal to the utmost. That makes him a protective friend and hyung figure to our magistrate, ready at the drop of a hat to charge in to keep him from harm.

Yoo Seung Ho (Operation Proposal) He will be doing a special appearance as the Jade Emperor, which in Chinese mythology is the Heavenly Emperor who rules over the celestial sphere. The king is described as having a carefree personality, and he has a major impact in revealing an important clue to the two leads.

Han Jung-soo (Chuno, Poseidon) He plays Moo Young, the ghost hunter. He’s described as a mystical figure who guides the spirits of the deceased to the afterlife-aka the soul reaper. He’s the right-hand man of the King of the Underworld. But he’s also got the duality being the “most trusted friend of the King of Heaven.”

Park Joon Gyu (Warrior Baek Dong Soo) He will play the King of the Underworld.



Title card: A legend reborn.

Arang: You bastard, do you take me for an idiot?

Title card: A bumbling female ghost Arang.

Title card: Fastidious flower boy magistrate Eun Oh.

Title card: Joseon era fantasy romance action drama.

Eun Oh: This….this….it’s not that.




Second leads c/o dramabeans





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