After a 2-year delay and casting failures, high-budget medical sageuk drama Faith will finally premiere this August 13 after The Chaser in SBS’ Mon-Tues slot. I really thought this would follow Ghost though.

Kim Hee-sun agreed to the project two years ago and is still sticking with the project. She’s the late-’90s It Girl and star of dramas like Wedding Dress, Propose, and Tomato. Faith’s leading man was originally Lee Jun-ki (Iljimae), until he got called for army duty, after which point Kang Ji-hwan (Lie To Me) was brought in until he ran into legal dispute with the Producers Association. They finally got their leading man in Lee Min Ho (City Hunter)

The drama is set in the Goryeo era, which spans the years 918 to 1392. It’s mix of Oriental medicine, history, fantasy and even comedy. A modern-day plastic surgeon gets kidnapped by a Goryeo warrior and taken back to his time period, which dates back to 700 years ago in order to patch up a princess who has been attacked by an assassin. So in short, a warrior meets a doctor from the present and the two fall in love.

At the helm is the “dream team,” PD Kim Jong-hak and writer Song Ji-nah. Together they’ve written and directed a number of drama hits, like Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn, and Legend. Song also wrote What’s Up and Story of a Man more recently.

It reports a 30-billion won budget, which is about three times the usual “big-budget blockbuster” range for tv, so we can expect some amazing visuals and action scenes. In any case, this will be both Lee Min-ho’s and Kim Hee-sun’s first foray into historical fare, so we’ll have to see if they can deliver.


Kim Hee-sun (Smile AgainSad Sonata) She plays Yoo Eun-soo, a 33-year old lively and animated plastic surgeon. She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. Her dream is to someday open her own practice. Despite being a science major in school, she knows enough about history, but the situation she is in is very different than what she learned in history. She doesn’t care about patriotism or anything of that sort, but she has no choice but to get involved.

Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste, City Hunter) He will play Choi Young, the warrior and leader of the royal guards. He’s 29 years old and has no regrets in life, and no ambition for women or money. He basically attacks everything head on. Choi Young’s only wish is to leave the annoying royal court. In one assignment, he entered through the wormhole into the Heavenly realm to abduct a Heavenly doctor, who happened to be Eun Soo. But running into the Heavenly Eun Soo, and helping the recently ascended to the throne King Gong Min, his plans are disrupted.

Sung Hoon (New Gisaeng Story) He will play Chun Eum-ja, a stealthy fighter who kills using the sound of his daegeum, the bamboo flute he carries with him. He has royal blood, but he has no memory of his childhood at all. His first memory is his master teaching him martial arts. He has learned musical martial arts from his long flute. His powers have not yet attained the peak, so he cannot destroy his opponents with complete ease yet. Compared to human beings, he likes little creatures more. That’s why he’s indifferent and stoic and doesn’t have much of a problem with killing people. For the mystical maknae, his entire world is just his elder sister disciple and his long flute. Although he is secretly in love with his elder sister disciple, but he doesn’t expect to have a happy ending with her. He drinks to while away the days, and other than that, his life doesn’t need anything else.

Yoo Oh-sung (Kim Su-Ro, The Iron King) He will play Ki-chul, the ambitious power-hungry eldest brother of the mystical trio. General Choi Young unexpectedly disrupts his plans, and now he’s openly accompanying King Gong Min to oppose him. He considers the doctor as a strange creature. If he can’t own something, he will destroy it. But he decides to play with these amusing toys first. He intends to play them in the palm of his hand until he’s satisfied. Ki-chul is a master manipulator of people in a mind-control way that can freeze them with a touch of his hand or compel people to bow down in worship.

Shin Eun-jung (East of Eden) She will play Hwa-soo, another sibling of the mystical trio.She trained with Ki Cheol under the same master. She has the ability to manipulate fire, which makes her dangerous and powerful. Since she was young, she used living human beings for her training so she does not understand the value of human life. If she likes a man, she enjoys using her looks and wiles to seduce him for fun. When her master died, the only person she is afraid of now is her elder disciple brother Ki Cheol. The only person she cares about is her younger disciple brother Cheon Eun Ja. But in recent days, a man has caught her eye. A man that isn’t seduced by her cannot exist in this world, so she begins a new game.

Philip Lee (Secret Garden) He will plays Jang Bin, Goryeo’s best healer, who’s a professional, cool-headed, and a badass fighter to boot. Initially, he wanted to ask this female doctor from the Heavenly realm to become his master, but somehow he ended up teaching her. Eun Soo is a doctor because of financial benefit to brings her, but watching him practice medicine, he shows Eun Soo the true meaning of being a healer.

Ryu Deok-hwan (God’s Quiz) He will play King Gongmin,who ruled Goryeo from 1351 to 1374. He’s described as an intelligent ruler, and he’s the reason for Kim Hee-sun’s kidnapping; the bodyguard needs her to help the king. On his way back to Goryeo, he meets two people. One is Choi Young, who claims to be the head of the royal bodyguards. Another is Eun Soo, a doctor kidnapped from the Heavenly realm. The female doctor said that history will remember him as a ruler who could be strong enough to stand up to the Yuan Dynasty. He sees a sliver of hope in what she says. 

Park Se-young (Love Rain) She will play Mongol Princess Noguk, King Gongmin’s future wife and queen.






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