Drama Bites August 12, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

Bridal Mask gets an all time ratings high with 19.5%! I hope this will continue despite tough competition starting next week with the premiere of Arang and the Magistrate, and To The Beautiful You.

Bridal Mask Episode 19-20

Does practically everyone have to go to the chamber room and be tortured? I’ve lost track of how many back and forth rescue movements have been done. I noticed practically everything in this show follows that pattern. I hope they don’t depend on this kind of the development for the last leg of the show. Because seriously, show. I will have words with you. But for now, I’m glad for new arc. It’s quite refreshing to see.

The stakes are higher once more. Actually, I feel that’s an understatement for what this chilling two episodes have been. While writing the draft, I don’t remember how many curse words and wows I’ve used. Of course, that’s been edited out now. But it’s seriously crazy how a show can make me cringe with so much excitement.

The main stars for this week is Kang To and Rie! I finally understand where the comments on their smoldering chemistry is coming from now. They have the sultry that’s lacking in the Kang To x Mok Dan ship. I could feel the sparks flying. As much as I want to support this ship, I know it won’t happen. Sadly.

Regardless, it’s obvious Rie likes Kang To. When he approached her with an ulterior motive that doesn’t go undetected, she still couldn’t help but swoon. The beam in her face when she received the roses was so palpable. I think it’s so sad because she knows you’re just using her, dude. But Kang To is amazing because knows how to hit all the right buttons, especially emphasizing her being a Joeson. They share a similar pain, which makes their connection even tighter.

Kang To’s words seem to touch the depths of her very soul. Everyone wants to go to her because of the position as the president’s daughter, but he on the other hand wants to know her personally even if she were to be that gisaeng girl from before. Again, it’s so sad she knew it was a lie but can’t help hesitate. Her inner conflict was further heightened upon the discovery that Kang To was really Gaksital. You don’t know how many times I repeatedly said shitshitshitshit when I ever I replayed that particular scene. She can’t give him up because he’s her benefactor from before. The ending of episode 20 shows she can’t play nice anymore because she gave him his chance already.

Rie is such a layered character. I wonder how much of the sex slave arc will affect her character, being a former gisaeng. I hope we’ll see her revert to the Joeson side soon. Rie and Shunji have been playing opposites of each other. If he’s deep in the dark side, sooner or later Rie will go back to the light.

On the other hand, I’m glad Katsuyama isn’t a stoic character I made him out to be. He truly cares for Rie, not wanting her to be fooled by Kang To. He’s not a bad consolation to be honest. I hope he gets more screen time so we can have those tiny moments between them.

As much I as I have been defending Shunji the past posts, I’m to lose the tiny piece of hope I had for you. You’ve become a monster. I don’t know where to begin. The fact you’ve no remorse in killing the circus ahjumma or in how you’re using Mok Dan to play around with Kang To’s feelings. I’m horrified how he already firmly supports Kishokai actions and even wanted to show Kang To what they were capable of doing. I still do hold out hope that he will atone for all the bad things he did and die with some kind of regret towards the end.

Anyway, the mind battle between Kang To and Shunji commences. The information that Kenji killed Lee Kang To’s mother, triggers Shunji’s suspicions once more. He wants to catch Kang To’s slip up to get proof. I’ve glad Kang To is aware of it though. This set-up feels like a realistic version of Death Note.


What I’m disappointed in these past two episodes was the death of Konno. It was so abrupt. I wished they gave him a proper death. He didn’t even go down with a fight! A man of his valor deserves more. He is a sharp man who’s a figured out the presence of Kishokai long before Kang To. I like the pillar of support he has been in Kang To’s life. The only consolation is the fact Kang To was able to gain a clue on the Kishokai. I’m intrigued by the new enemy Kinpei. I hope he’ll have a bigger role to play other than being a cleaner. With Kang To’s lifeline dead, the enemy is starting to get the upper hand. All the more excitement at the possible danger that is lurking! Hope for a week as great as this once more!


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