To The Beautiful You

Finally the Korean version Hana Kimi remake, To the Beautiful You will premiere on August 15 on SBS.  I wasn’t originally interested but the promotional materials are just so gorgeous. 

After rumors for the past year, SM Entertainment has finally finalized the cast for its adaptation of Hana Kimi. The drama is set in a high school for athletes, with specific attention in track and field. The story begins with Tae Joon, a prodigy high jumper who uffers an injury and falls into a mental slump. Jae Hee who’s been a huge fan of his, cross-dresses her way into the school to help him make his come back. Both Tae Joon and Eun Gyul start to fall for her despite initially believing her to be a boy. 

I’ve seen the Taiwanese version starring Ella and Wu Chun. Yep, the plot is still the same and no minor changes whatsoever. The drama has a built-in following on multiple fronts, given the fanbase of the original Japanese series, as well as that for each individual idol. But it’s prospects of high ratings is a little bit clouded seeing how it’s  going up against Bridal Mask and Arang and the Magistrate. Younger themed dramas continue the trend of getting low ratings. Hoping it’ll do well in spite of the competition.

At the helm of this drama is writer Lee Young-chul (High Kick triology) and PD Jeon Ki-sang  (Boys Before Flowers.) Check out the official website for more details.


f(x)’s Sulli. She plays heroine-masked-as-ordinary-dude Gu Jae-hee. She transfers to the high school because of Tae-joon, wanting to offer him hope in his difficult time.

SHINee’s Min-ho. He plays “genius high jumper” Kang Tae-joon, who suffers an injury and falls into a mental slump.

Lee Hyun-woo (Equator Man)  He plays Cha Eun-gyul, a soccer player with outstanding skills and a positive energy that makes him popular with the girls. He’s also a really pure-hearted boy who’s never been in love before.

Kim Ji-won (High Kick 3) She plays star gymnast Sol Han-na, who’s bright and cheery character with a careless streak — although she turns into a “docile lady” in front of Tae-joon. Born to a wealthy family and raised with everything she could ever want, she lives only for Tae-joon, but that remains firmly in one-sided-crush-land.

Kang Ha Neul (You’re My Pet).  He plays Min Hyun Jae.

Ze:A’s Kwang Hee (Vampire Idol) He plays Song Jong Min, whose specialty is jumping hurdles. His character’s got a warm heart, supposedly, but he’ll be one of our heroine’s main antagonists, picking on her and causing trouble.

Seo Joon-young (Tree With Deep Roots).  He plays Ha Seung-ri, captain of the fencing team and head of the dorm Jae-hee gets assigned to. A strong leader with a “macho” personality.

Kang Kyung-joon (History of the Salaryman). He plays athletic coach Byun Kwang-min, who’s a simple-minded and brawny guy. He was a former high jumper. He’s also known for being tough on his students, making him an antagonistic presence to the kids, but he turns into a softy whenever he’s around love interest and fellow language teacher.

Ki Tae-young (Live In Style). He plays the mysterious doctor who works the infirmary. He’s the first one who finds out that Jae-hee is a girl but doesn’t out her immediately.

Yoo Min-kyu (Shut Up: Flower Boy Band) He plays Young-man, captain of the taekwondo team and also leader of his dorm. He’s got a rough attitude, but lots of affection for his hoobaes and his taekwondo team.








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