May Queen (UPDATED)

I’m quite interested for the solid child cast in this drama. Although the story has a terribly boring description on paper, who knows it might be a sleeper hit.May Queen was originally set to premiere on August 11, but with Dr. Jin’s last-minute pre-emption over the weekend, it’ll now be airing its first episode on the 18th.

MBC’s 32-episode weekend drama May Queen is a success story of a woman, Chun Hae Ju in the shipbuilding industry during Korea’s modernization. She encounters sufferings and success of a woman in her weak surrounding but succeeding as an oceans specialist based in Ulsan. ‘May Queen’ is an underdog story about a woman named Chun Hae Ju, played by actress Han Ji Hye, who overcomes hardship and unfortunate events and eventually realizes her dream.

Directing is PD Baek Ho-min, who did makjang extravaganza Flames of Ambition and weekend family drama Assorted Gems. The drama was initially supposed to have followed Feast of the Gods, but production was delayed thanks to the MBC labor strike.

The other leads, Jae Hee (Color of Woman) and Kim Jae-won (Can You Hear My Heart), who happen to be friends who’ve worked together before, were both excited to be cast in a drama again together.


Han Ji Hye (The Duo). She plays Chun Hae Ja, an oceanographer who’s bright and high spirited in nature, always curious, and suprisingly positive. Always considerate of others and is warmhearted by nature, no matter how extreme conditions are, she never gives up and fully commits herself to overcome it. She has a beauty that always makes people’s frustration go away. Due to her stepfather who was once a sailor, she started loving boats from a young age. Rather than just liking it, she likes to fix the ships. Her dream is to make a nice boat for the dad she dearly loved.

Kim Yoo-jung (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) She takes on the younger Han Ji-hye.

Jae Hee (Color of Woman). He plays Park Chang-hee, a poor guy who used to lives in the boss’s house alongside the boss’s privileged son, Kang San. He becomes successful through tons of hard work, but his success is attached to sins. He later hears a terrible secret from his father, and had to leave the Hae Ju he dearly loved. Chang-hee had to choose his professional ambition over his romantic feelings. Eventually, he becomes In Hwa’s, and therefore Do Hyun’s son-in-law. Park Chang-hee is a guy with a lot of pain. Rather than living life according to his own will, he gives up a lot for the sake of those he loves, doing things he dislikes because they need to be done. Even as he can’t enjoy his own life, he’ll still do whatever he can for the people he cares about. He’s a very disciplined perfectionist and self-driven prosecutor. Although he might sound like your standard cold, proficient, selfish type of businessman.

Park Gun-tae (The King 2 Hearts) Park Gun Tae takes on the younger Jae Hee.

Kim Jae-won (Can You Hear My Heart). He plays Kang San, a man with a bright and healthy personality” who came from a background where he lacks nothing. His initial description sounds pretty typical, though there’s a shift that could be a lot more interesting further down the line. He is a talented genius, and  and remembers everything in detail as long as his interested in it. He started liking Hae Ju from middle school, in which he attended with Chang Hee. He came back to Korea after 15 years, and reunited with her. Upon seeing her again, Hae Ju slowly makes his heart race and along with her sweet smile. He later opens his heart to her. However, when he learns of his dead parents’ secret he experience a personality shift, becoming ill-mannered and reckless.

Park Ji-bin (Wish Upon A Star) He takes on the younger Kim Jae Won.

Seo Young-joo (Fashion King)

Newcomer and former figure skater Hyun Seung Min. She plays Jang In-hwa, a rich family daughter who always disregarded Hae Ja and Kang-san who always took good care of her. She grew up in an environment where she had everything, and grew up with no problems in Massachusetts. She is very stubborn. However, she, who liked the Kang san since she was a young kid, was aware that he liked Haeju. She is unable to stand Haeju, who always smiled brightly despite the bad circumstances she’s put through. She therefore always feels inferior to Haeju. In the end, she stole Haeju’s first love, Chang hee, and successfully married him.


Yang Mi-kyung (The Moon that Embraces the Sun)

Ahn Nae-sang (God’s Quiz 3) He will play young Hae Ju’s father in the first four episodes.

Kim Gyoo-cheol (Bridal Mask). He play Ki-cheol, the man who knows the secret of Hae Ju’s  birth and obeys authority but does not care about means and ways for the success of his son Chang-hee.

Ko In-beom (Bridal Mask). He plays Dae-pyeong, the chairman of a group who conflicts with Kim Gyoo-cheol and Kang-san’s grandfather. He is going to compete with Do-hyeon (Lee Duk-hwa) for the business rights to Ulsan and is a bad tempered character with insight.

Choi Min Soo (Happy Ending) taking the role of a family leader Kim Doo Soo.










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