Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost Impressions

Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost (2012) (K-Drama)

I rarely watch drama specials but this is an exception because Park Shin Hye is the lead character. What I love more is it’s a ghostly romance! Nothing beats a ghost story for me.

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Great!

Summary: Moon Ki gets amnesia after a car accident. A ghost by the name Yeon Ha appears before him and helps him out in his daily activities. Apparently the two know each other from before, the problem is he can’t remember how. To find out their connection, please watch the special itself. Don’t want to spoil the experience. 😉

Thoughts: Despite being able to figure the twist, this is one great story that I’ll be sure to revisit again. It had a nice light melodramatic feel to it even if it had a sad ending. It was so bittersweet and truly leaves an impact on you. The ghostly conventions that were used are good. I like how they didn’t explore on what makes her a ghost but rather the core of the story. Yeon Ha was used as an instrument to recall what truly happened. The mystery behind her death was a worthwhile journey that I implore all of you to watch.

Rating:  9.5/10

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