Drama Bites August 21, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

Sorry for the late post! The draft was finished on time but so much things happened before I could edit. Hopefully the Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost impressions make up for it.

Bridal Mask Episode 21-22

There were more Kang To and Rie moments in episode 21. It’s so endearing to see that Kang To figured out the truth through Rie’s eyes. He was grateful for that, so he ended up not hurting her.

Rie screaming to the mirror was amazing. She’s trying to talk sense to herself. She doesn’t want to get distracted but it’s so hard when you’ve fallen for him. Love in many ways is truly a distraction. Seeing it work against her is very human. It’s so wonderfully realistic, especially with the mirror scene above.

Kang To and Rie later had a confrontation. She wants to understand his intentions because she thought he was like her. She wants to protect him from death so much. Kang To didn’t say it directly, but he was implying how he once wanted a higher position and ambition and he’s worried for her. Kang To has made her think whether she truly want to live or be a puppet for her father. In a way he’s guiding her to the right path, just as others did for him. I hope that’s a sign she’s changing sides soon. I really want to see that redemption phase.

Meanwhile, Shunji is on to something. From wondering what’s the relationship of Rie and Kang To to what’s Kang To’s true identity is. His suspicions about Kang To is heightened. His curiousity is brimming ever since Mok Dan lashed out the truth of killing the circus ahjumma in the open. Shunji was probably thinking she was dumb too bad she’s only playing dumb for him. Shunji wants to catch Kang To with the mask on, which he eventually did.

Korea’s nationalistic spirit was prevalent. It was interesting to see how they pass the message in secret. The boxer and flag seen was a nice touch, especially in light of what happened in the 2012 London Olympics. Anyway, it was a smart move of using the grandfather code. It signalled the opening of the Yang Baek arc. There are lots of new characters introduced for this last leg.

Episode 22 was quite brief in terms of main plot. There were a lot of side character screen time. I found Mr. Noh being affected by Madame Tasha’s cold treatment to be one of the more hilarious ones.

I’m glad this show managed to tie some knots around the tiny details I was worried about. One would be with Gye Soon. I found it peculiar that none of the circus members suspected her. It’s surprising Mok Dan knows what she’s up to but doesn’t put a stop to it until recently. The second would be Gaksital’s identity revealed to other members of the revolution. Finally, the third would be Shunji’s many failures. It’s strange he didn’t get the upper hand at one point. It was a good thing that found the Yang Baek-Dong Jin connection first.

Because of that information, episode 22 mainly focuses on Shunji’s fixation that Kang To being Gaksital. He always had his suspicions but it’s only now that his fears are realized. I’m curious as to what Shunji’s reaction would be. Will he be like Rie and keep it a secret, or be ruthless and rat him out? So much endless possibilities making me want more.

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