Drama Bites August 26, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

Bridal Mask Episode 23-24

Episode 23 was one of the slower episodes but necessary to set the bombs that were dropped in the last episodes to settle into place.

Regardless, Shunji finally knows the truth. The fallout reaction is grim as we predicted. He decided the more painful option, which is to spare Kang To’s life and use him as bait to get Yang Baek and Dong Jin. This plan backfired due to Kang To, being present when fake Gaksital was attacking Yong San branch.. It’s about time Kang To tried to hide his tracks. His constant absence is noticeable. Although, even if he used this elaborate set-up, it wouldn’t fool Shunji and throw him off track anymore. It just brings more speculation and theories that there can be more than one Gaksital.

From Shunji, we move on to Rie, who’s my currently favorite character. She has always been the contrast of Shunji. It seems like they have exchanged positions in regards to their beliefs. Shunji’s love is a jealous type, not wanting anyone to have his possession. On the other hand, Rie’s is the selfless type. I couldn’t believe Rie is spilling everything out to Mok Dan cryptically. She promises to let them go and live happily in another country. She truly wants to spare Lee Kang To, even if he will not stay with her. It was a sincere admission on her part.

Well it’s good Mok Dan noticed that. But what I’m truly glad for is that Mok Dan understand Kang To’s intentions of saving the Joeson people. It’s the ultimate reason why she won’t be tempted by the offer. But seriously, no need be harsh girl! Rie still has some sorting out to do of her own.

Another revelation has been dropped, although it’s not something the viewers aren’t aware of. Shunji finally knows that Rie is a Joeson person. I think it was really important because President Ueno almost had her killed after Shunji found out about Kang To’s dual identity. I love Katsuyama! I knew he would stay by Rie’s side. It was so touching that he’ll always be her bodyguard. If President Ueno didn’t hold back, there would be an awesome sword clash.

Another important change is with Tamao Noh/ Lee Hae Sok. He was the comedic self-entitled boy, who thought he was in the Japanese side. In reality, he’s just another Joeson person. The fact that his pride was stepped on by his so-called friend, Shunji was a huge blow in his part. Because of this scene, Tasha let him on the secret. Now it’s up to him to decide what he’ll do with it. I want him to step up and prove himself to everyone. He managed to do so, although it was sad he was too cowardly to admit his shame and decided to end his own life. The vulnerability was well portrayed. This side character would truly be remembered.

Episode 24 begins with Shunji speculating that Kang To is exerting himself with all these pretense. I’m surprised Kang To could revert back to that state of violence. But he acted with a reason, which I’m glad Deok Su understood. The shock on his face to find out the true identity of Gaksital was quite something.

Anyway, the conflict was mainly using the family registry to create a secret military organization under Dong Jin. Deok Su and Kang To cooperating was a nice thing. I was wondering when Kang To would divert their attention to something else. Of course, he needed help to do that. It goes to show that you can’t win the revolution alone.

I’m so happy Gye Soon knows the true colors of the Japs. It was really pitiful to see her being tortured by Shunji, the mad man. Because of her overwhelming fear, Mok Dan was able to find out the answer to whether Shunji knows the truth. I swear the scene where they closed the blinds gave me chills. I really thought he would rape Mok Dan.

I really like how intense the fight scene was. I can’t wait for the showdown between Kang To and Kinpei Part 2 next week! 😀


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