Drama Bites September 2, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

Wow, everything speed by so fast. My head is in still spinning with how engrossing these two episodes have been. The ratings have been soaring an all-time high for each episode.

Bridal Mask Episodes 25-26

Writing this post was quite difficult because I had no idea how to tie so much ends together. For now, I’ll start with Hae Seok’s death. There were different reaction but all tainted with guilt. Shunji regretted how he called him a Joeson bastard, while Tasha was affected so much because she was the one who led him to the independence movement. They were both triggers to his pitiful death. I couldn’t believe how the Countess barely even looked at his face. She even wanted to wash her hands off him badly. I’m surprised it was the Count who was wailing.

These two characters have always served as the comic relief. They were one-dimensional and rather silly on most part. But they were given a new light starting with Hae Seok’s death. Everything they’ve done was meaningless because the son they wanted to protect is gone. Kishokai couldn’t have cared less. They wanted them to pay for their son’s “mistake.” My heart was saddened with to see them begging for their lives. It was so painful to watch especially the Count who was thinking of Hae Seok the whole time. Just when you think they were able to bargain for their rights, they were killed on the spot. If that elaborate set-up was just to give Rie a warning, it sure was very down right stark evil.

It goes to show how you can’t get the Chairman angry. His face may look so calm but it’s downright scary and intimidating. It felt like all hell was about to break loose any second. Of course to avoid that, they needed to act fast. Shunji attempted to chase them in the inn. This a scene I felt they could have handled better. Cars weren’t bullet proof yet during that time. Shunji could have aimed for the windows or wheels at the very least.

 This naturally provokes Shunji. He created his own drunken diversion in Angel’s Club. He manages to do what he has repeatedly failed to do so. FUCK THEY CAUGHT KANG TO AS BRIDAL MASK. NOT JUST AS SHUNJI BUT THE WHOLE STATION. FUCKING SHIIIIIIIT. Just needed to write that in all caps with the curses because that’s just how intense the feeling of that whole sequence was. It seemed like the station lost their whole self and have fallen into a slump.

This time around the confrontation is very tension heavy. My golly, that exchange with Kang To and Shunji reminded me so much of Naruto and Sasuke. Anyway, it was Kang To poured out the truth that he’s been hiding. I don’t recall him saying to Mok Dan that he killed his own brother. It was a nice touch to making it seem such a long time ago how he carried all the burden. What was more endearing was this:

  • “For catching me…. Thank you. Anyway, since I’m caught like this, I won’t have to kill you with my own hands.”

Those lines were so powerful. Even I’m just as moved as Shunji was in the beginning. Kang To recognized that his deepest fears of killing may come true, but at least it wouldn’t happen because he was caught. In the end, he gets rescued and this ends Kang To’s story arc. He’s now settling into the bigger picture, meaning he’s just one of the important pieces now.

Before the rescue occurred, Mok Dan knelt down to Rie. It was a submission of pure humility. Because of that, in episode 26, Rie finally understood how her love for Kang To doesn’t tantamount to hers. She sees the fact that Mok Dan also loves the side where he accepts the suffering. I wish Rie gets out of Kishokai and helps in the bigger Independence movement soon.

Now they have to get the Teacher out of Kyeong Seong safely. Dam Sa Ri volunteers to be the double of Yang Baek. Even though he boasts of escaping, he knows when his time has come. I’m just a little disappointed how there wasn’t as much momentum in this chase scene. It doesn’t do justice to what a great freedom fighter Dam Sa Ri was. I’m quite sad he ended up shooting himself. But his parting words to Shunji held so much meaning.

  • Do you think this hide-and-seek will end if you capture Yang Baek and Dong-jin, and Gaksital? In Joseon, there are countless Yang Baeks, and Dong-jins… and as many grains of sand as there are on a beach, there are Gaksitals.

This words spark something in Shunji. He begins to frantically search for Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Bridal Mask. Even if catch them, there will be new Yang Baeks, Dong Jins and Bridal Masks to emerge. He starts to realize the impact of this. He doesn’t want to live a useless life where he couldn’t protect the Japanese empire. You could tell how he’s lying to himself that everything will be over once he catches those three.

The reason why they’ll always be new heroes to emerge is because of the revolution. As Yang Baek tells Kang To:

  • What do you think is the one thing in a grown man’s life so precious that he must protect it with his life? I believe it’s love. I love Joseon, I love my hometown, I love my mother, my wife, my son. Watching those that I love be violated by the Japanese, how could I not feel rage? If you truly love Mok Dan, you put your life on the line to stay by her side and protect her, and fight the ones who would torment her.

Episode 26 ends with the Kimura Taro- Bridal Mask showdown. It’s about time they killed that guy. Because this will truly end what sprung from a family revenge. I know the last two episodes next week won’t disappoint. So bring it on!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Drama Bites September 2, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

  1. Nah, Mok Dan is the first person Kang To tells that he killed his own brother! It was the first time he revisited his painful history and told her everything in episode 18… That’s one reason why I love the two together, they know each other’s scars and can heal them! ^^
    And the Shunji-KT confrontation really was quite intense! I was touched that Shunji cried after it-he gives such little glimpses of humanity time and again that you really feel for his character-if only there were someway he could find his own peace too! Alas!

    • Yes, Kang To did mention to it to Mok Dan but I felt like when he told Shunji, it seemed more like the first time compared to Mok Dan’s. It was a whole lot more touching. I like them more as a couple now ever since Dam Sa Ri died but I don’t love them as much as you especially with the rocky start in the development of their relationship.

      Yeah I really thought he almost converted to the good side. I hope in the end, he’ll regret everything he has done wrong.

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