Weekly News Updates: August 26, 2012 to September 1, 2012


  • Yoo Dong-geun (Athena) stars in jTBC weekend drama Childless Comfort. He takes on the role of Hee-jae, the eldest son of Ho-sik (Lee Soon-jae). Hee-jae is a round and bubbly character and a former teacher who also has diabetes. He is loyal and obedient to his nurse wife Ji-ae (Kim Hae-sook) but his patience reaches its limit when his trusty daughter So-yeong (Eom Ji-won) causes trouble. This premieres on October 13.
  • KBS’s School series is a teenage drama that as aired in 1999 to 2002. It revolved around the bullying, punishments and derailment that happened in schools. Jang Hyeok, Bae Doona, Kim Min-hee, Ha Ji-won, Jo In-Seong and several other stars appeared in this drama and later became more active.There will be a season 5 to be produced by Lee Min-hong. The layout and cast is still in process.
  • I Like You is an upcoming drama about three different high school students who reunite in their mid thirties and see each other’s different lives and joys and sorrows. It is headlined by Yoon Hae-yeong (Big), Lee Jae-hwang (Smile, Mom), Yoon Ji-min (I Need a Fairy), and Park Hyeok-kwon (A Wife’s Credentials).
  • March 2013 SBS drama offering is a modernizing of Jang Hee-bin who has only been known as a femme fatale in history until now, this drama consists of depth and fun as well as historical imagination. The title of the remake is Jang Ok-jeong, Lives in Love. They are currently courting Sin Se Kyeong (Fashion King).
  • Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan (The Peak) has landed the leading role in upcoming KBS 1TV drama Cheer Up, Mister Kim. He will play the titular character, 32-year-old Kim Tae-pyeong, who suddenly becomes the guardian of 4 kids each bearing a different surname, and is an expert in domestic help who is popular among housewives for his good looks and skilful hands. Kim Tae-pyeong has overcome his tough lot in life through perseverance and tenacity, and showsfamily love and warmth that goes beyond blood ties to the children who share a similar childhood to his own. The drama is set to follow I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon, and is expected to start airing on KBS 1TV in early November.
  • Han Chae-ah (Gaksital) is the newest addition to Oohlala Spouses. She plays Victoria Kim, a character who grew up abroad after being adopted to Sweden. She’s a woman harboring a “deep inner hurt” and a sad secret. Looks like she’ll have a romantic entanglement with Shin Hyun-joon, which gets confused once the spouses swap bodies.
  • Jeon Woo-chi is revving up for pre-production with a bunch of casting possibilities. The following are being courted as the leads: UEE (Ojakgyo Brothers), Taecyeon (Dream High), and Shin Ha-kyun (Brain).

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