Nice Guy (UPDATED)

Because I really admire Moon Chae Won and I have a thing with revenge stories, this was a definite must-watch for me! The drama was delayed due to the extension of Bridal Mask, and again with the Olympics pre-emption. The official premiere date is on September 12 in KBS.

Nice Guy will be a melodrama about a man who gets his heart broken by a woman, and he decides to get revenge by using other women, including a blind amnesiac woman who ends up changing his outlook on love. That’s just a gist.

The full summary is how Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) and Han Jae Hee (Park Shi Yeon) are lovers. Ma Roo is a third year medical school student, while Jae Hee is a reporter. Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) is a woman with a weak disposition, who faints frequently. One day, Jae Hee kills a middle-aged man in a motel. Ma Roo takes the rap for it and goes to prison. During the time he’s incarcerated, Jae Hae becomes a wealthy woman by being with Chairman Seo (Kim Young Chu), who is Eun Gi’s father. She has a young child with him, but is not married nor have they gone public with their relationship.

Ma Roo gets out of prison 5 years later. He’s so devastatingly charming that no woman could resist him. Jae Hee hates herself for her shady past so she wants to use Chairman Seo to raise her status and give herself a new identity. Eun Gi and Jae Hee intensely dislike each other. Eun Gi works at her father’s company. Ma Roo and Eun Gi meet for the first time on a flight from Japan back to Korea, because she faints during the flight. This is also the first time Ma Roo sees Jae Hee again after he gets out of prison.

The point of the revenge scheme is that Eun Gi is the ticket to stealing Jae-hee’s life of comfort out from under her. And it probably doesn’t hurt that the two women aren’t exactly friendly–Eun-Gi’s icy to begin with, but doesn’t care much for her young golddigging stepmother. The complication, of course, is that Eun-ki falls in love with Maru, not knowing that he’s using her to get back at his ex.

This is the latest project from writer Lee Kyung-hee of Will it Snow for ChristmasI’m Sorry, I Love YouA Love to Kill, and Thank You, among many others. The drama features one main character who has lost her memory, so we can expect memory to become a recurring motif, as the characters “try to remember the precious values that they have forgotten along the way.” Something Lee Kyung Hee is famous for.


Song Joong-ki (Tree With Deep Roots). He plays Kang Ma-roo, a man who starts out as a lovestruck med student but is transformed into a bad guy when he is betrayed by the woman for whom he has sacrificed everything.

Moon Chae-won (The Princess’s Man). She plays Seo Eun Gi, the heiress of Taishan Group, who exudes a venomous charisma. The chaebol has been groomed to not expose her feelings and thus, she grows up to be cold and likely naïve in matters of the heart. This inexperience/emotional immaturity coupled with a pending memory loss make her an easy target for bad guy Kang Ma Roo, who’ll manipulate her as he carries out his revenge plan against his ex-girlfriend.

Park Shi-yeon (Coffee House). She plays Han Jae Hee the old flame of Kang Ma-roo, who puts her career first before everything else including her love life.


Lee Kwang-soo (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store). He plays Jae-gil, a character from a prominent wealthy family with an outstanding education although his pure nature gets him taken advantage of often. He’s the best friend of Kang Ma-roo.

Lee Yu-bi (Vampire Idol). She plays Kang Choco, who ends up falling in love with Jae-gil. She’s the protective younger sister of Ma-Roo.

Lee Sang Yeob (I Live in Cheongdamdong) He plays Park Joon Ha.

Kim Tae Hun (You’re So Pretty). He plays Ahn Min Young

Kang Chang Hee (Heaven’s Garden). He plays young Kang Ma-Roo










One thought on “Nice Guy (UPDATED)

  1. Thanks for all the Nice Guy updates. Yes, I am totally watching this for Moon Chae Won. After Princess Man, she became my all-time favorite actress. Can’t wait until September 12th!

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