Drama and Anime Bites Update

This is just to formally announce that I will not do a drama bites section after Bridal Mask. Initially, I was going to continue it with the upcoming Nice Guybut writing a comprehensive post about a drama is taxing. I don’t know how recappers even manage to write out a detailed scene by scene post. There’s a lot of things I’m busy with life and I can’t afford to spare it for blogging. Well for now, I’ll be shifting to anime bites. There’s a lot of interesting Fall shows (which will be released in my preview sometime soon). I haven’t decided which one I’ll be writing my thoughts on but it’ll most likely be Shin Sekai YoriPsycho-Pass or even Zetsuen no Tempest. This highly dependent on what I see on the first and second episode though. But the titles I mentioned has a noir side to it, which are the best shows to cover any day. So there, I hope you understand.

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