Drama Bites September 9, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

The show wasted no time to dwelling in useless things. It was a plain state of awe seeing the developments and pay-offs unfold. This was the longest post I’ve ever written, reaching 3 pages on word document. It goes to show how great of a finale week it was.

Bridal Mask Episode 27-28 (completed!)

ASLFSI#VSHV@BUEN! The clash with Shunji and Kang To was so intense. I’m lost with words to describe the violence and the gripping pain behind the scene as the inevitable has come.  I’m so thankful Kang To didn’t kill Shunji but the hate Shunji must be carrying is so unbearable. The failure to protect the ones he should would make anyone crazy. Shunji is bearly holding on to begin with.

 Kang To look so broken trying to reconcile the fact he killed Kimura Taro with Mok Dan. He knew that it was one step closer to the sad and nearing end of their friendship. He didn’t want it to be that way but because of war, it can’t be helped.

I can’t believe Shunji is going to use his rage and lash it out on Rie. Well that’s I thought initially. Anyway, with Taro’s death, which apparently had little attendance, President Ueno decided to entrust everything to Shunji. This of course was the best idea because he has no extra baggage to think of. It’s just angry Shunji and his need for revenge. That kind of heightened emotion is a strong driving force and President Ueno knows that.

As Rie was going to meet up with Shunji, she knew she was going to be killed. She was ready for it.  Shunji “kindly” spares her because in his heart, she knew how she felt when she decided to protect Gaksital’s identity. It makes sense for Rie to make the president be the one to punish her. After all, it was his mistake to even accept her in the Kishokai. It’s more of removing the bad seed from where it started.

 Shunji finally realizes that Angel Club must have a connection to the revolution movement upon the reappearance of Reporter Song in the said club. I’m glad that the torture scene with Tasha and Mr. Noh was one of defeat on their part. This was the first time a character did not strongly oppose and die for their belief. For Mr. Noh is was because of extreme fear while Tasha was very affected by Hae Seok’s death.

 Now that they have a lead on something, Shunji fervently makes sure nothing goes wrong. He succeeds to locating the hideout due to the freeing of the youths, which is discussed later on.

The marriage proposal was something I expected because of a spoiler from a preview I did not intend to see.  I feel it’s a bit sudden to think of marriage but we’re seeing the end of the Dark Times. It’s natural to hope for the happiness you’ll be experiencing after everything.

Rie’s admission that she has nowhere else to go. Even if her life is in danger, she’s willing to stay strong. I’m glad Katsuyama finally spoke about his feelings for her. He sees her more than a woman who gets trampled on. He hates it that he’s not powerful enough to rival Lee Kang To. But he’s silent bodyguard attitude makes me swoon, he’s willing to protect her even if she doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings. Just run away with him Rie, you’ll thank him for it someday.

The scene of freeing of the youth was another step forward for the revolution. With the young, free from their obligation to education, or in this case be Japanese puppets, they can fight for what is right.

Shunji’s reason to kill Kang To isn’t justified as I thought it would be. He basically was still doing everything just to get Esther back. He wishes to go back to those peaceful days with the kids. Too bad he doesn’t see the stark change from those days to what he is now. Shunji also did not heed Rie’s words despite her prodding that killing Kang To will just add to Mok Dan’s suffering.

 They cut to chase immediately. But it’s just so crazy to even have hold the wedding so quickly. The gap between the proposal and the actual event was just so sudden.  Also, how the heck did Dam Sa Ri know that Mok Dan will end up with Kang To? Crazy father instinct he must have to prepare a wedding dress ahead of time.  Not totally related to Bridal Mask, but I must comment how Joo Won manages to end each of his drama with a wedding.

Of course the wedding has to be interrupted destroyed by the arrival of Shunji and his men. He of course had to shot his gun to I’m glad Mok Dan actually stood up to protect Kang To for once. The angle of Mok Dan’s fatal shot was slightly awkward. But OMG killing the only thing that held him to humanity would destroy Shunji once for all. He literally went beserk by killing Leader Jo.  The deaths just kept continuing. The blood-fest was crazy. I was pleased with the tiny scene where a Dong Jin death squad member laid on top of a student to protect him from the gunshots. He knows that these students will be their hope of the future.

Back to the escape scene, it was just so heartbreaking to see Kang To leaving an injured Mok Dan just to survive.  Her final message was so simple and touching, which adds to the overall heartbreak. It’s not often we see the heroine dying instead of the hero. That indeed took me by surprise, show.

Even if Shunji was praised with the accomplishment of wiping out 300 men, it doesn’t complete what he needs to do. He still has to capture the three heads and recover the national funds and weapons. But he’s in no mood to do anything more since he literally has nothing to live for. Rie, being the good friend she is came to ask what happened with the encounter. It was shocking for her to hear the revelation of Shunji. He simply can’t accept he killed her, so he has to resort to the blaming game. What a weak coping mechanism.

 Lee Kang To, on the other hand is just as broken and weak. To finally obtain some sort of happiness and redemption, then to be snatched after 5 minutes of experiencing it was super unfair. Can’t a guy catch a break? Uncle tells him to get up because he’s the only one left who can save the whole nation. He tries to stay strong for Mok Dan. Now that there’s also nothing that will stop him from achieving what he needs to do.

It’s the beginning of the end. Now even both Dong Jin and Yang Baek is going to frontlines. They have to spread the fact they are still alive and actively fighting for freedom, in spite of the huge setback done with the massacre of the secret location.

 Katsuyama finally also steps up to protect Rie. Of course, he doesn’t want to lose out to Kang To who suddenly appeared with his Bridal Mask outfit to kill President Ueno. I really hoped that Katsuyama kicking ass would last longer though.

Moving on, Kang To still cares for Shunji even if he doesn’t totally show it. I’m so glad he understands that the root of all the evil in this show is President Ueno.  He planted the seeds of sin and was the real reason why Shunji and Kang To is experiencing all the misery life has to offer.

Rie is the reconciling piece to let Shunji and Kang To come to peace with each other.  Too bad she fails in persuading any of them from killing each other. The phone call with Shunji was rather touching. That was the first time I felt like tearing in the show. He was accepting the impending doom that was about to come. He somehow knew he would be the one to die. Although why was he desparate to die by Kang To’s hand.

Rie is so mature. Even if she didn’t end up with Katsuyama like I was hoping, there was something about the separation that was nice to look at. The fact she’s letting Katsuyama go and stand up for himself. Likewise she’ll be doing the same thing. She gave away her Korean name, which she will be living by for the rest of her life, Chae Hong Joo.  It’s a reclaiming of her lost identity. I’m sure these two will cross roads again as soon as they are mature enough and learn more about themselves.

The final Kang To and Shunji clash was about to unfold. Instead of the nitty-gritty chilling feeling, it was replaced with a sullen defeated tone attempting to find answer from the other. I was sad it ended with Shunji’s suicide. Such a pathetic life, ended with an equally worthless way. It’s so sad especially with the Dam Sa Ri memory telling him that he COULD have been so much more.

I like the open-ended ending with all of Korea embracing the Gaksital in them to fight for the war. It gives the impression that an ongoing battle, which will take the unity of everyone to win. Kang To, being the center and means to guide the people to this path. I’m so glad it ended great. I’m quite a difficult person to satisfy really. Now I can write this off as 2012’s best drama (for now).


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