Nice Guy First Impressions

I was preparing myself for tropes and unrealistic plot twists. You’ve got to admit, melodrama has gotten that image. But I began doubting that as the teaser and promos started to trickle in. They were solid and beautiful shots indeed. KBS really spent a lot to make Nice Guy visible to the public. I’m pretty sure they’ll reap the reward sooner than expected. 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Great!

Summary: Ma Roo, was a genius medical student. That was until he decided to turn himself in for a crime committed by his long time crush, Jae Hee. The focus shifts to Eun Gi, who’s a strict and merciless director. Not hesitating to fire or use any intellectual means to turn things in favor for the company. Five years has passed. Ma Roo has changed. He was seen trying to get his friend’s money back from a gold digger. On the other hand, Eun Gi and Jae Hee don’t get along. Jae Hee married Chairman Seo and they have a child together. In a plane trip, Eun Gi collapses. Ma Roo steps up for the doctor role and eventually bumps into Jae Hee who was acting as Eun Gi’s guardian. That’s when he finds out that he was betrayed. Jae Hee visits him and gives W100,000,000 to Jae Gil. Eun Gi finds out about this transaction and was about to use this to oust her stepmother…. until Jae Hee drops the hint that she knows of Eun Gi’s drug possession. Eun Gi makes Jae Hee sue Ma Roo. But this plan fails because of the lack of evidence. Jae Hee, after spending a night in jail finally gets his resolve. In the last scene, he ends up saving Eun Gi from a biking accident.

Thoughts: Simply perfection. I got hooked immediately within the first five minutes. I must say that’s a record for any kind of drama to do. It’s great how they don’t waste time to get into the meatier parts of the story. The characters are all so layered that even with great scenes already unfolding in our eyes, there’s more to be revealed later on. These subtle intrigues are a nice change from the blaring emotions that the usual melodramas have done recently. The acting is also just superb! Song Joong Ki’s expressive eyes, Park Si Yeon’s vulnerability and Moon Chae Won’s bitchy attitude were nailed to the tiniest details. I’ve mentioned in the preview that I’m a Moon Chae Won fan, and woah she definitely surprised me with this role. She was so sweet in The Princess’s Man. She had this attitude that was extremely entertaining.

Initial Rating: 10 /10

2 thoughts on “Nice Guy First Impressions

  1. I’ve yet to check this drama out-been lazing around, not knowing what to expect and kind of not in the mood to start a new drama but reading your impressions has made me curious and I’ll probably be picking it soon! ^^

    • Thank you 🙂 Although lower your expectations, I might have over-praised the drama. 😛 It has your usual tropes, but the delivery is just so refreshing :))) I think Moon Chae Won is the one making me really tune in to this. It’s a great follow-up drama after Gaksital on KBS’s part. I heard that the ratings increased on the third episode. It’s already tied with Arang and the Magistrate. 😀 Well unfortunately, I have to put it on hold. Too busy to watch anything more than an hour. I’m glad most of the summer animes are ending already. I hope to see you post on this drama soon. 😉

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