Weekly News Update: September 23, 2012 to September 29, 2012

Lots of casting news indeed!


  • Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince) has confirmed his lead role on I Miss You, which is expected to air in November. His character is Han Jung Woo, a goofy yet bold-faced detective that has a soft spot for his first love he met at 15.
  • Moon Ji-yoon (Big) is joining MBC weekend drama May Queen. He will take over the role of Cheon Sang-tae from Kim Dong-hyeon. The character is the brother of Cheon Hae-joo (Han Ji-hye) and Kang San’s (Kim Jae-won) school friend. He is a walking disaster who causes trouble everywhere he goes and talks big. He bothers Hae-joo and puts her in danger but is going to be the funny one.
  • Kim Tae Hee (IRIS) was asked to play the main character of Jang Hee Bin, of upcoming SBS drama Jang Ok Jeong: Live for Love. She is currently considering it. It was announced that the drama will air in March of 2013 and is in the process of coordinating the details.
  • Kang Sora (Dream High 2) is in the talks for upcoming MBC weekend drama The Best Lee Soon-Shin. Lee Soon-Shin is a young woman who lived on a remote island. She travels to Seoul and eventually becomes sponsored by a businessman to become a star.
  • Hong Jong-hyun (Vampire Idol, White Christmas) and Kim Gab-soo (Cinderella’s Sister) are the newest addition to the drama Jeon Woo-chi.
  • Joo-won (Gaksital) is back with 20-episode rom-com drama, Secret Agent War. The rumors on this were true after all. This is based on the rollicking action-romance movie Level 7 Civil Servant. The drama will retain the basic premise of the movie, with both spies hiding their identities from each other. Joo-won plays our passionate hero Gil Ro, who decided in his youth that he wanted to be a spy after watching a Bond movie. His father became rich practically overnight, so he grows up in wealth and comfort, with a generous spirit toward others and a chic, refined appearance. Gil Ro gets accepted as a secret agent, but he’s not your usual veteran agent; he thinks and acts like the new generation he belongs to, and he makes mistakes and causes conflict.
  • Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung have signed on headline upcoming melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows, the latest project from star writer Noh Hee-kyung (Padam Padam, Worlds Within, Goodbye Solo).


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