Shinsekai Yori First Impressions

shinsekai-yori-ep-1-pre-release-004This is the first of the Fall anime line-up! I must say it was a good taste of what Fall will be like 🙂 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good


Summary: It begins with a montage of destructive power, kids playing in the twilight, and priestesses in a ceremony. A girl by the name of Saki attempts to control the flame and puts her gravitational strength in a humanoid. This makes her lose her powers but in turn gains the spirit of adulthood and the mantra. She then transfers to a new school, Zenjingakuen where all her childhood friends are already. They apparently got the spirit ahead of her. A bunch of school activities using their powers were displayed. Reiko seems to be the weakest link among everyone. There seems to be a mystery behind the disappearances of some students from the Wakien due to the cat spirit of impurity. There was a nice two way narration of events with Saki. The episode ends with Reiko’s disappearance.


Initial Rating: 8/10



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