Kamisama Hajimemashita First Impressions

This just might be next Medaka Box. 

Expectations: Indifferent

Verdict: Bad

Summary: A narrator talks about Nanami’s father’s eviction from debt. She’s in the park when she shares her problems to a guy named Mikage. He told her to find Tomoe to seek shelter. She got tricked to become the earth deity.  Tomoe is the prophet. There are two other servants who teach Nanami what her duties are, which include a lot of cleaning. Tomoe always gets angry at Nanami. But he helps her reluctantly when she got in the middle of the other spirits. In the end, she was able to control Tomoe using her deity powers which were only realized then.

Initial Rating: 4/10


2 thoughts on “Kamisama Hajimemashita First Impressions

  1. Unfortunately for you, the manga is still on-going (latest chapter : 87) this means probably the anime would be a very long one too 🙂

    • The anime is confirmed for 13 episodes only. Depending on the sales, we’ll see if it can have another season. The latest episodes are looking up. Good enough for me not to consider dropping it. Don’t mind my harsh words, this is just an impression. Of course that can still change.

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