Zetsuen no Tempest First Impressions

This is probably the show you can say I’m most anticipating for next to Bakuman. 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Great!

Summary: It begins with a stiff exchange between Yoshino, and Mashiro and his sister, Aika. Then the focus shifts to a girl, Hakaze who was swept into a deserted island where she can’t use her powers. Fuwa Mashiro has disappeared for over a month. A flashback was shown. A girl clad in black named Evangeline suddenly appears in the front of the grave of Aika and pointed a gun to Yoshino asking where Mashiro is. Another flashback wherein Mashiro became angry and wants to find the killer. A swallowtail butterfly suddenly appeared out of nowhere and so did Mashiro. Mashiro became a mage due to a connection with the black iron syndrome. Fight commences with Evangeline. The syndrome has been spreading to various regions. Mashiro tells how to end it all, showing his connection with Hakaze. They had a fair trade needing each other for a specific purpose.

Initial Rating: 9.5/10

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