Weekly News Update: September 30, 2012 to October 6, 2012


I must have been very busy to not have known that Jung Kyung Ho (Smile,You) was discharged from military duty last month (September 4 to be exact!).

Since there’s practically no news this week, I decided to make this week’s news more personal. hahahah! :)))))

I just mentioned how Jung Kyung Ho was released from the army. So happy that oppa is back! He stole my heart in Time Between Wolf and Dog, so after waiting for this moment, I can’t believe they don’t have a comeback project for him yet. I really hope to see him in drama soon. Preferably, one with birthday girl Yoon Eun Hye. 🙂 With a good script, they can probably make a timeless rom-com.


The supporting ladies for upcoming drama Jeon Woo-Chi consists of Baek Jin-hee (High Kick), Jo Ha-rang (To My Beloved), and Jooyeon (Answer Me 1997).


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