Code Breaker First Impressions

This is off to a promising start!

Expectations: Low

Verdict: Good


Summary: Sakurakouji l saw a guy clad in blue flames, thinking someone is being burned down.  But there were no traces of fire in the site. Apparently she’s a school idol. That day, there’s a transfer student by the name of Ogami Rei. Sakura recognizes him as the guy from yesterday. She tries to find his scars to no avail. The two meet again outside. She shares the story of her grandfather. Ogami was deployed to the area for a specific reason but realizes he needs to eliminate Sakurakouji. A group of thugs appeared looking for their buddies. The flame that she saw was connected to what happened to her grandfather.  She gets beaten up by the thugs and witnesses his powers. He burns her to death in the end.


Initial Rating: 8/10


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