Bakuman 3 First Impressions

This show never fails me. :3 

Expectations: High

Verdict: Good

Summary: +NATURAL is currently casting it’s female lead, Sayano’s seiyuu. Azuki was one of the finalist. Akina was adamant on getting her, thinking she’ll be able to beat Mashiro and Takagi. The problem is if she takes this anime on, it’s less likely she’ll be able to be the seiyuu for PCP. Azuki and Mashiro were both stubborn. None were admitting what they really thought about the situation. Takagi and Kaya tried to convince both sides. In the end, everything worked out with Azuki and Mashiro realizing what it is they wanted.

Thoughts: I loved every minute of it. Call me biased or what not but there’s just this calming sensation that draws me in whenever I watch Bakuman. The cute and funny were present immediately. Naturally, the plot kicks off from where it left off, wasting no time on the nitty-gritty details. It’s a good thing I watched the last two seasons not too long ago since I’ll have a hard time recalling what happened. This is the only problem with Bakuman, the recap from the last season were subtle. It’s good that they managed to integrate it within the story but if you aren’t a big Bakuman fan like I am, I doubt the plot was memorable. Well, they did end on a good note showing the problem for the first arc: how to maintain good ratings until the 25th chapter.

Initial Rating: 9/10


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