Sukitte II Nayo First Impressions

Sukitte Ii na yo - 01 - Large 24

Is this the next big shoujo anime?

Expectations: Indifferent

Verdict: Good

Sukitte Ii na yo - 01 - Large 15

Summary: Mei narrates her life, how she never had a boyfriend, or any friends. She doesn’t want to be hurt and be betrayed. On the other hand, Yamato, a popular guy shows no interest with the cute girls. In a chance encounter, she kicks him. He becomes curious about her. There’s a pedo who set his eyes on her during his part time in the bakery. In school, Mei does all she can to ignore Yamato. The pedo makes his move the following day. She gets frightened and ends up calling Yamato. He helps her out by kissing her in front of the pedo. Mei for the first time feels something different for the first time.

Sukitte Ii na yo - 01 - Large 16

Sukitte Ii na yo - 01 - Large 18

Initial Rating: 8.5/10

Sukitte Ii na yo - 01 - Large 37

3 thoughts on “Sukitte II Nayo First Impressions

  1. No, it definitely won’t be the next big shoujo anime. With ZEXCS at the helm, there is not much hype to the show even with the manga being quite popular. A shoujo anime will pull paltry sales unless the manga is popular and the studio working on the anime has a good reputation.

    • That’s true. I haven’t read the manga but I heard the sales aren’t so good. I guess they’re hoping this anime will attract people. Unfortunately, it’s just too cheezy for me.

      • Actually, the manga is a big hit. What I meant to imply was that because ZEXCS is working on the anime, that would mean that the anime would have low sales figures because shoujo anime need an established fanbase as well as a studio with a good reputation working on it. Even Kimi ni Todoke, which is a titan in the manga format, pulled above average sales as an anime, showing just how hard it is to generate a profit from them. I expect all three of the main shoujo from October to pull rather dismal sales.

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