Psycho Pass First Impressions


The best premiere of the season?

Expectations: High

Verdict: Good

Summary: Crime Invesigation Department is busy with work that Akane Tsunemori can’t be treated just like a newbie that she is. They start to explain what Psycho Pass is. Apparently it’s a program that processed a person’s state of mind and personality. There are a few exemptions of those who have exceed the psycho pass limit, known as hunting dogs or enforcers, who are considered tools for the investigators. Then gun usage, particularly the paralyzer was discussed.  The infiltration process begins. They ended up having to kill the criminal but the victim’s crime coefficient has increased because of the scene it witnessed. Akane ends up shooting the enforcer.

Thoughts: This is the anime with the highest level of animation for the season. It was visually stunning, so much better than Fate/Zero to be honest. The first episode was more of world building. There were a lot of anime only terms that were discussed. I think it’s good since we explore the futuristic world that Urobuchi Gen has in mind. Also, we don’t have to dwell on the technicalities later on.  Since we’re in the crime scene, I’m guessing this will revolve on psychological paradoxes where the good guys are evil, and vice versa. The episode was indeed interesting but definitely not the best as people have been updating. I hope they focus on Akane wanting to rebel against the system because that brings a lot of danger.

Initial Rating: 8.5/10


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