Robotics; Notes First Impressions


Will it beat the Steins; Gate phenomena?

Expectation: High

Verdict: Great!


Summary: There are two friends, namely Aki and Kai in the Robotics Club.  Kai ends up playing a gamem Kill-Ballad wherein he beats the creator. They both go to the their adviser Mitchie, to pass a document to the vice-principal. They bumped into Hidaka who Aki tries to convince to join the club. After class, they both go to the hangar where they check out the Robot of Justice, Gunvarrel. It was the project of the Robotics Club ever since it’s creation. The following day, the Vice Principal has agreed to meet up with them. They need a huge budget to be able to complete in the Tokyo Expo. The Vice Principal set a condition that she should follow. A weird robot girl was seen in the end saying some kind of prophetic line.


Thoughts: I said earlier that Pyscho Pass had the best animation, but I prefer the quality of Robotics; Note. The drawing style is very smooth and crisp added with the lovely solid and bright colors. Yes, it hits my good spots quite well. I also love the characters. They are simple and funny. It’s got the Clannad vibes, which I really like.  I don’t think it can surpass Steins; Gate because the plot doesn’t seem like it’ll be mind-blowing. But this anime is going to good, I know it’s sooo much better than Chaos; Head based on this episode. Well I’m overall pleased because this seems like an anime made for me. I love the subtle world-building, high school growth and possible plot changer that this anime has to offer. I’ve decided this will be the anime I’ll be blogging so watch out for more stuff on Robotics Note.  😉


Initial Rating: 9.5/10

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