Robotics; Notes Episode 2

This officially marks the start of my anime bites section. I’m really glad I chose to blog this anime because it really meshes everything nicely. I hope that comment is something I can give throughout it’s run. People should start appreciating this for what it is and not compare it to its predecessors, Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate. All three are different in their own right.

Episode 2

The episode is about building a robot in time for the ROBO-ONE competition. They decided to do away with the original GUNVARREL plan and stick to a tiny robot made eight years ago. The problem is that the parts are old and need to be replaced. That’s the summary for the episode.

The highlights though are the introduction of some new characters. We first have Doc, a robot machine part seller. He’s a grumpy old man that’s strict with payments. But I notice he has a soft part for Aki despite the persona shows everyone. I mean most vendors wouldn’t hint at what parts would win the competition. The fact that he also ordered it in advanced knowing Aki would eventually come for them. It’s quite cute that Kai went to lengths with passion fruit bun to get the information to blackmail Doc for a discount by approaching the granddaughter who is in Class 1.

Speaking of Kai, he’s like the best friend you need. I was struck with the conversation with the bun owner that all Kai’s favors are related to Aki. He’s trying to be a replacement for her sister, Misa. It’s no surprise that Kai getting away with each situation with a challenge of Kill Ballad has been a running joke. But I’m glad that when it comes to the important stuff such as becoming the robot operator, he’s willing to drop the challenge remark. He tries to look like the cool-laid back guy but he actually gets concerned over Aki.

There are hints that Aki must have suffered something traumatic related to her sister, Misa. She even has this whole Elephant-Mouse Syndrome that comes out when she exhausted. I bet her genki personality and that immense passion to win is connected with it. I can’t wait to see those fragile and vulnerable moments. Another important thing to note is that Aki is akin to Chihaya (Chihayafuru) who’s always rushing into things head-on. Her problem isn’t her skill but the lack of support and belief from the people.

Hopefully things will change once they win the robot competition, but first Aki needs to find FrauKoujiro, the creator of Kill Ballad to help with the controls. If my speculation is right, Hikdaka is the said creator. It’s obvious he’s hiding the fact he actually likes robots. Why would you pass by a robot shop for no reason? But it brings up the question as to why he’s avoiding robots. I wonder if he has a fear that we can delve into in the future.

I like how things are laid out for you. Although since only a few parts are given, there’s a whole mystery of trying to figure out the bigger picture. Keep up the good work, Robotics; Note. I’m looking forward to what episode 3 may bring.


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