Robotics; Notes Episode 3

This anime continues to leave me with awe and wonder. It destroys all my expectations and surprises me each time.


Episode 3

This episode focuses mainly on the Robo-One competition and its effects.  It was a very fun and light-hearted, but riddled with dark hints of the future plot. I like the relaxing theme this anime has achieved. It makes you appreciate the tiny moments in life that most would take for granted. I’ve compared to Hyouka, although this anime is set way into the future.


It would have been nice if they used up two episodes for the competition and shown some disappointment for losing. But then again, Aki’s overwhelming optimistic attitude and Kai’s level-headedness would overcome that quickly. Kai was the show stealer this time around. He really showed his adept skill in controlling the robots. So much so that even when his body was failing him, he managed to counter. It seems like he suffers the same disease like Aki but a different variant from hers since his slows up time.


This did not go amiss. Misa and her boss from her company in Tokyo have been observing him. This was a huge twist I did not forsee since I assumed like most animes and dramas that she might be dead. Well figuratively it might be correct. The way her eyes look so distant and lifeless proves that point. Aside from that, she didn’t seem to care about Aki. I’m wondering the reason why she never contacted Aki. What exactly did the Elephant-And-Mouse Syndrome do?


These questions will probably be answered in the next few episodes. For now, the duo finally recruited Hidaka Subaru aka Master Pleiades into their team. It was hilarious how he was blackmailed by Kai to join the club. Soon after, Frau Kojiro will also join. She finally made her first appearance. She’s the blond haired girl they bumped into on the way back. Now that’s the team is forming along well will they be able to make GunPro-1 for the expo in time?


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