King of Dramas

I’ve been a Jung Ryeo Won fan ever since her Which Star Are You From? days. She’s a very honest and sincere actress. Well other than that. I’m curious how crazy the Korean drama industry is. 

King of Dramas is a comedy about drama production. Kim Myung-min plays the midas-touch producer who makes hits and cares only about money. While Jung Ryeo-won is the idealistic writer who wants her dramas to say something on humanity. Right off the bat, he’s set up to clash with our heroine, and that’s not even accounting for the contentious past they have. They hate each other, but have to put that aside to work on making a new hit show.

This hatred started out with Go-eun spending five years as an assistant writer to her mentor, Writer Jung. Her dreams of being a drama writer herself were inspired by him. But it’s after meeting production company CEO Anthony that her life starts to take a turn; he somehow manages to get her to betray her mentor, She later on took the fall for the incident that left her disgraced and unable to find work. Needless to say, they end up mortal enemies and she vows never to deal with him again. … until they have to work together again. Go-eun receives an offer to contract with a production company that we can only assume is Anthony’s, thanks to a script she showed him three years ago. It’s an irresistible scenario: Get the career kickstart she needs, or cling to pride and refuse?

So the drama is basically about Kim Myung-min and Jung Ryeo-won as the producer and writer who hate each other and bicker all day, and then the two stars who make their lives hell while also competing for their affections?

The story sounds so much like On Air and The World We Live In, which were both about making-K-dramas. It provides a great peek into the world of television show production in Korea, and its always good to know what going on behind the scenes so that we can all enjoy the dramas we love so much. So King of Dramas would ideally be both an inside look at drama production but with a fun sense of meta-humor and a light touch. I’m hopeful for some laughs and if they’re gutsy, some jabs at the industry, rather than some self-aggrandizing tone on art

Writing the show is Jang Hang-joon (SignHarvest Villa), along with Lee Ji-hyo (Korea’s Got Talent), who appears to be the junior scriptwriter. PD Hong Sung-chang directed dramas Take Care of Us, Captain and You’re BeautifulKing of Dramas will replace Faith on Mondays and Tuesdays, beginning in November.


Kim Myung Min (Beethoven Virus) He will be playing a successful and arrogant television drama producer and CEO, Anthony Kim, who is ready to produce his latest show. He has a Midas touch and believes that dramas just have to make tons of money. As the CEO of an independent drama company, he’s successful but his fixation on money gives him a mean streak. He’s therefore cold and annoying to work with.

Jung Ryeo Won (History of a Salaryman) She will be playing 27-year old aspiring scriptwriter Lee Go-eun, who believes dramas should be all about humanity. She’s described as idealistic and frank, and sees things in a black-or-white way that bespeaks both her values and naivety. She is also quite prickly in the sense, she insists on her work being respected.

Choi Si Won (Skip Beat, Poseidon) He will be play Kang Hyun Min, a troublemaker, cocky and brash star who is only a rookie, despite being so insanely popular.  He’s been acknowledged for his good looks and even his acting skills, but is more famous for his assy behind-the-scenes personality. Apparently he’s so unable to compromise with anyone on anything that he turns every drama set into a maelstrom. He’ll likely have sparks fly with Oh Ji Eun who plays his leading lady in the drama-within-a-drama. 

Oh Ji Eun (I Live in Cheongdamdong). She will be playing Sung Min Ah, Hyun Min’s co-star in the drama within the drama. Her character is also a top star, but not quite such a diva. She’s got a love story with Kim Myung-min, as she sticks by the drama production that goes through some rough patches. Their relationship is described as a cute push-pull, hot-and-cold playful one.






2 thoughts on “King of Dramas

    • Yay! Finally a drama we’re both looking forward to! 😀 Are you going to recap it? Or are you going to finish your backlog with Arang and the Magistrate? :))

      Yeah Ryeo Won is so pretty! Although I kinda miss her red hair from History of a Salaryman. She was so awesome there. I’m hoping she’ll get a best actress award! :))

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