Robotics; Notes Episode 4

This week’s episode was rather uneventful so this was quite a short post.


Episode 4

We finally have the much needed explanatory scene, which I’m pretty sure viewers already pieced the hints themselves. The episode began with a flashback with a rocket launching with Misa. She’s a distant but pivotal figure in this whole anime. Every single thing Aki does is related to her and their dreams from past. I’ve been wondering why she’s so stubborn and hung up with that. From trying to get funding from both her father and Mitchie’s uncle to convincing her club members to help out. Everyone wants her to give up and has no care in the world about this dream. The only conclusion on the meaning of that dream I could come up with at the moment is that it’s the only way she can face Misa and for Misa to take notice of Aki again. But what has caused this distance between them?


This leads us all back to the Elephant-Mouse syndrome. It’s the first thing anyone would speculate. But it’s strange since it happened four months after the rocket launching. Misa wasn’t even present during that time. There was a mass fainting and why did only Aki and Kai end up having a permanent condition from it?


Subaru has problems of his own. Why deny his love for robots? What’s his personal stigma with the dad that we’ll get to explore? Also, Frau Koujiro was finally introduced. Her real name is Furugoori Kona, who’s both very tomboyish and weird. Another person with a lot of issues that needs to be explored. Why did she move to the island and who exactly is she hiding from? Then there’s the mysterious girl who contacted Kai in the end. So we have more questions once more than any visible answer.


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