King of Dramas First Impressions

This indeed lives up to its title.


Expectations: Indifferent

Verdict: Great!

Summary: In a live shoot scenario wherein there’s less than 10 hours before the ending be released. Anthony tries forcing Writer Jeong Hoo Joo to include drinking orange juice scene but the latter does not want to concede since it destroys the value of art. Go Eun is the secondary writer who Anthoney deceives into changing the scenario written. Due to the time constraints, he hired a motorcycle delivery boy but the said person got into an accident and died. Regardless, they were able to get the ending to show on time. Go Eun misunderstands that it will be time for her to be debut, which angers Writer Jeong who promises to ruin her career before it even starts. The news of that he tried to silence the family spread, causing him to be fired. Not one of the writers wanted to side with him due to his unreasonable personality. After three years, he’s still in a rut, having more credit than actual cash. A chance for a comeback happens when the Japanese company offers a competition of a Japanese saeguk that will be funded with 10 billion won. He sneaks into the company and steals Go Eun’s script and actually lands the gig. He tries to comply with conditions to get her to Japan but it took her time to budge. They were able to get the investor on their side but the trouble is the condition of having it air this year.

Thoughts: This drama was great. It has the potential to be one of my favorites. Too bad, there’s not much viewers watching it. Aside from the fact, the drama format is uncommon. The ratings for the pilot episodes were quite low riding on the boring epicness of Faith, so naturally any drama placed in the timeslot would not fare well. But seriously, people should give it a chance. The greatness can be attributed to the acting an especially the directing. The directing is truly first-hand. I love the story-telling method so much. It is quite refreshing even though there is not much risks taken with the camera angles. The background music is top-notch. The clock timer was one one of my favorites. Moving on to the actual plot, I’m still as intrigued as I was when I read the synopsis. Since this is my first drama on drama production, I’m quite fascinated with world building done. The history of the Hallyu wave was a nice touch. But the story just surprises me at each turn, I didn’t expect karma to hit right off the first episode for Anthony. Not as funny as I expected but I guess I’m alright with this kind of tone. The straight-faced-comedy at least as fun jabs. Also, there won’t be sudden shift when it decides to go serious or all out comedy since there’s a good base line.

Initial Rating: 9.5 /10


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