Missing You First Impressions

Because I love the cast, I’m willing to try this even once. Too bad I have inkling I might have to drop it somewhere in the middle…. or maybe not?

Expectations: Low

Verdict: Middling

Summary: It begins with an introduction of the main characters’ family situations. The two first meet in the playground in the rain. Lee Seo Yeon is surprised to have someone call her by her fist name, instead of the labels she’s used to. The scene changes with the death of the grandfather meaning there’s no one left to protect Hyun Joo. Then it’s back to the child cast, wherein Han Jung Woo finds out the scary truth and avoids Seo Yeon. He wants to apologize and ends up witnessing a terrible neighborhood scene. She runs away from him but he approaches wanting to become friends. Apparently the dad was not the real murder. Meanwhile Chairman Han is hunting for Hyun Joo and using Nurse Hye Mi. A fire happens where Hyun Joon was but luckily Nurse Hye Mi got him back on time. Later Soo Yeon and her mom move out. He brings her home and he bonds with her new family.

Thoughts: This might not become the train wreck I foresee but it’s definitely makjang-infested. It’s hilariously unbelievable. The family relations are so complicated and it does not help that they were all introduced within the first 15 mins. I hate how the family feud all revolves on money. Gahhhh, is there anything original about this?! I’m not a fan of the directing. Sure, there’s lots og angle play but the essence is lost. I Miss You does not suit a weekday timeslot. It’s going to lose against the saeguks hands down.  But the emotive and melancholic theme it has established sort of makes up for its mishaps. It actually gets pretty fun to analyze the main characters.

Initial Rating: 6.5 /10


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