Robotics; Notes Episode 5


Episode 5

Not exactly a favorite episode of mine although the story is starting to shift gears. This is starting to feel more like Steins; Gate… except it’s doing the only part I hated about it. The science terminology overload may seem interesting to some but the technical terms tend to get heavy at times.


The episode opens with Kai hanging out with Daitoku. They both go to different legendary spots to investigate the message he received from Sister Centipede. Apparently, the email didn’t only happen to Kai. There were several candidates but Kai was chosen as the one to prioritize because of his age to contact. The company of Misa seems to be tracking these kinds of people, which is why she’s been keeping an eye on Kai.


An important thing to note is that IRUO is the AR program that Kaito uses. AIRI aka mysterious girl in the credits can only be found in specific locations because she is treated as a Geotag in the IRUO serves.


They bring a hidden message from Kimijima Kou on the solar flares. There was a foreshadowing before the message was revealed with all the climate change. It’s interesting to see that Irei knows who he is and he doesn’t seem to be a good guy based on her reaction.


Also, it seems like the SS Anemone incident may be related to Kimijima Kou. I’m beginning to see that Kai is actually the main character here. The person who’s journey we’ll follow. Aki seems to innocent to handle what’s to come.


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