Robotics; Notes Episode 6


Episode 6

“Don’t be sad when dreams end.” What a timeless title. I’m quite intrigued about this episode since it’s one of the few times that the title was revealed in the beginning instead of the credits. 


This week’s theme was about the different states of dreams……. Continuing from where we left off last week, Mizuka was shocked to hear the name Kimijima Kou. More is revealed such as the fact, Airi was Misa’s friend. She used to talk about the fun she had with her friends. What a stark contrast to what she has become today. I get the feeling Kai is fulfilling the task she wasn’t able to accomplish. Surprisingly, Kimijima Kou is dead. A dream that is yet to be formed.


Then we have Frau who has finally come out her shell. Sort of. She’s such a strange girl, which adds to the fun dynamic of our group.  There are things that she seems like she can’t do even if she’s the genius. An accomplished dream that’s not going stable. 


“People with dreams are really shiny.” –Daikotu. It seems like a dream of hers related to robots gone array. She hasn’t moved on but she’s nicely taking a step forward by finally joining the Robot Club. A dream she gave up on.   Aki, on the other hand is the embodiment of the quote. She is able to have a bursting amount of energy because she’s passionate about her goals. Working towards the dream.


Finally, “A dying dream is just so sad.”- Aki. This is referring to Subaru. He knows what he wants, it’s just that his parents don’t consent to it. He goes to lengths of hiding the truth because he knows he’ll end up getting into trouble, which he did. A blocked dream. 

[WhyNot-RoboticsNotes---06-467DD58C.m%255B24%255D.jpg]What kind of dreams will unfold in front of us in the following weeks?


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