Weekly News Update: November 11, 2012 to November 17, 2012


  • Channel A launches intriguing concept for a sitcom, going for an omnibus series entitled I’ll Tell You Something Shocking. That means there’ll be several segments featuring their own stories and with their own leads which are organized under the topics of “Romance Operation,” “Melody in My Memory,” and “Guide to Living.”

“Romance Operation” and will co-star Heo Jung-min, pop group Moonchild (from the early 2000s) and Hwang Bora (Arang and the Magistrate). Hwang will play a lovable dating columnist who dispenses advice on how to cultivate romance, though in true rom-com fashion, in real life the character has never even had a boyfriend.

“Melody in My Memory” features a few more former pop stars, singer Kim Won-jun, DJ DOC’s KimChang-ryul, and R.ef’s Sung Dae-hyun. They play a trio of friends who somehow end up traveling back and forth in time. Huh, and I thought we’d seen the last of the time-slip shows.

“Guide to Living” is described merely as a depiction of the daily struggles and encounters of a coy young woman (Yoo Yeon-ji — remember bratty designer Nara in Baby-Faced Beauty?).

  • I’ll Tell You Something Shocking will premiere mid-November.
  • Kim Min-seo (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) has just been added to MBC’s upcoming Secret Agent War (now being called Level 7 Civil Servant again), playing Shin Sun-mi, a rookie agent who’d rather die than show herself to be weak, who dreams of becoming a “fierce elite woman.” Joining her for the supporting cast are the following: Jang Young-nam,  Ahn Nae-sangChansung, and Ha Shi-eunSecret Agent War premieres on MBC in January.
  • Go Kyung-pyo (Standby) joins the cast of Flower Boy Next Door. He plays the webtoon assistant who also freeloads off him, and is known around the neighborhood for his wiles.


  • Yeo Jin-gu (I Miss You, The Moon That Embraces the Sun) might be graduating into a headliner — he’s been offered the title role in a new action thriller movie called Hwa-yi.He’s still considering the role. He’s up for the titular character Hwa-yi, opposite the fantastic Kim Yoon-seok (Thieves, Wandeuki, pictured below). Also considering is Jo Jin-woong (Suspect X). It’s the latest project from director Jang Joon-hwan, of Hair, Save the Green Planet!, When Winter Screams. Kim Yoon-seok and Jo Jin-woong will play the “dads” against whom Hwa-yi will exact his revenge, uncovering a twisted conspiracy behind it all. Hwa-yi is planning for a 2013 release.
  • Filming has commenced for the movie Stakeout (also called Surveillance or Lookout) starring Jung Woo Sung, Kang Hong DoSul Kyung Goo, Han Hyo Joo, and 2PM‘s Junho. The movie centers around the specialized surveillance unit of a police squad lead by Sul Kyung Goo that is currently hunting a skilled bank robbery organization led by Jung Woo Sung’s character named James. Han Hyo Joo and Junho’s characters are the rookies of the team and eager to track down this criminal mastermind.Stakeout will be helmed by movie director Jo Ui Seok who directed The World of Silence and Make It Big.

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