Cheongdamdong Alice (UPDATED)

I’ve always been curious how good a Moon Geun Young drama is. Luckily, I have this opportunity with a good leading man in Park Shi Hoo!

Basically, this upcoming drama  is a love story that crosses social status and income barriers.There is a a riff in the title, relating it to Alice in Wonderland, with Se-kyung playing the newcomer to this strange, insular world of designer clothes and consumerism that is Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

The drama will be adapted from a popular trendy novel Cheongdamdong Oduri (Audrey, ala Audrey Hepburn’s style). It’s possible that the drama will differ quite a bit from its source material though. The original novel was written by author Lee Hye-kyung, is a romantic comedy set in Cheongdam-dong, one of Seoul’s neighborhoods located in the Kangnam district which is basically ritzy, expensive, image-conscious, and fashion-forward.

In keeping with the locale’s fashion bent, the book’s heroine makes knock-offs of designerwear, her ultimate goal being to open an internet shopping mall. She has had a hard time trusting men after being betrayed by her first love in her freshman year at college. She’s also acting as mother to her sister’s child after unni died.

Then she meets the hero, who’s the president of a designer shop in Cheongdam-dong. Naturally. He’s noticed the heroine often and pursues her, after which point they “become close like lovers”) until complications arise, including the reappearance of her first love, an incident regarding her knock-offs, and a host of other troubles.

It sounds like the basis of a standard Cinderella setup. There are also enough adaptations crash and burn despite coming from solid source material. Plus the fashion theme is littered with truly shiteous carcasses of K-dramas (StyleFashion KingCinderella Man). That’s the main thing this drama has to overcome.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong is written by main writer Kim Jin-hee, who was behind Tree With Deep Roots and Queen Seon-deok. This is a big departure from his epic sageuk background. Meanwhile the junior scriptwriter is Kim Ji-woon who has worked with Moon Geun-young in Tale of Two Sisters. PD Jo Soo-won worked on dramas Swallow the Sun and Heaven’s Tree. It’ll follow Five Fingers and plans to premiere sometime in December on SBS.


Moon Geun Young (Mary Stayed Out All Night). She plays Han Se Kyung, a bright and hardworking girl who believes that only with ceaseless effort can she carve out her place in the world. After countless job interviews she finally gets a job with a fashion design company. But she doesn’t become a fashion designer, but instead gets relegated to errand girl for the boss’s wife. To make things worse, that wife was once her high school classmate, who was way worse a student than Se-kyung and who’s out to determined to make her life miserable. This causes her to reflect on her life so far.


Park Shi Hoo (The Princess’ Man). He plays Cha Seung Ho, a young executive and heir to a large luxury goods company in Korea, and supposedly he comes complete with a devastating formerly relationship baggage.


Kim Ji-suk (I Need Romance 2012) He plays an advertising executive, rival designer company president to Cha Seung Ho. He is also So Yi-hyun’s ex-boyfriend.

So Yi-hyun (You’ve Fallen for Me). She plays rival, . Her character lived in the heroine’s shadow when they were young, so naturally she thinks it her life’s mission to make her pay now.

Shin So-yool (Answer Me 1997) She plays the Se Kyung’s best friend, They’v been friends from high school all the way through college. Her character is cute and bold, not afraid to speak her mind, and wishes more than anything that she could marry a wealthy man.

AOA’s Shin Hye-jung. She will play Se Kyung’s sister.







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