Robotics; Notes Episode 7

The series is finally moving, although the big reveal has not happened yet. But the countdown certainly begins now. I hope we’ll get that oomph we’re waiting for by episode 12.


Episode 7

This episode was something I could relate to. Kai mentioned a striking line at the start of the episode, “Not everyone can have great dreams like you.” You wish the best for everyone, wanting them to pursue their dreams. But you can’t give them advice on what to do. You can just listen to them as they sort out their own problems. It’s only then they can mature and grow from their own choices. Growing up means to learning how to stay in the background and force yourself to always be in the spotlight.


Subaru gave up easily when confronted with the dad. As children, we don’t want to disappoint our parents. It’s really difficult when parents are forceful with what they have in mind for us. They have good intentions and so do you do. It takes great courage to speak out our minds, although the results will not always be the same.


It’s sad you can’t do anything and are powerless over someone’s else situation. All you can really do is support them. Aki is the type who is optimistic about dreams. She’s like the inner child in all of us that tells us not to give up until we have exhausted everything. Actually, even if that happens, we have to still do our best. After all, the goal is the same, the path just changed. Subaru appreciates the thought, especially since he finally opened his heart up. He’s also finally becoming a team player by working together to build Gunvarrel.


Another Misa tidbit was dropped. She apparently started hating robots some time in high school. As proof, she didn’t become the robotics club president. It was a bit sad to know that fact especially since the director kept showing how Misa used to be as enthusiastic as Aki. What caused her to give up on Gunvarrel? What exactly did she lose? She doesn’t look too happy working for the Exoskeleton Corporation after a control suit loss.


Anyway, there was more Frau exposure this week. Kai is fulfilling is end of the deal of hunting cheaters. Surprisingly, the top 3 in Kill Ballad are cheating. How interesting, it’s like a parallel to real life where some people get to the top through underhanded means. Well the world isn’t fair. Others just really have the power to step on others. Frau has managed to open her heart telling Kai what she’s really searching for.


After a wonderful episode of dreaming and finding ourselves in unfair situations, it ends with a mysterious character popping out. It feels like we’re using the same plot devices. It works since we’re curious, but it’s got to change at some point.


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