Robotics; Notes Episode 8

Sorry for the late post! Extremely busy the past week. Sadly, it had to happen on a more interesting episode.

Episode 8

I’m surprised JAXA is willing to partner with a small robotics club in the province. Their credentials seemed overplayed. It’s an ideal situation for the group nevertheless. Everyone felt like it was dubious. In the end, Aki rejected the offer. It goes back to completing what they started. Aki really is a stubborn mule, refusing to give up on a piece of metal that nobody thinks is useful.


Aki’s father really cares for her. He subtly tries to get her to build a robot. It might not be the robot she wants but she’s guaranteed to move forward. Parents have this kind of foresight. I hope Aki would consider the benefits of this.

Kai, on the other hand has been helping Airi out. It’s fascinating how his dispassionate character becomes curious. Anyway, he went out of his way to fix the antenna during a storm. Airi didn’t realize the weather conditions and truly wants to understand his pain but she can’t do anything. It would have been nice if they emphasized her sadness of having limited functions. But then again, it will ruin the tone that Robotics; Note has consistently been doing.


Hahahaha, it’s hilarious that Aki is like the prince in shining armor who came to save Kai. I started to feel excited at their strong connection as friends. After all, among everyone, Airi appeared in Aki’s Iru-O. This is the turning point where Kai shares his mission with another.


Kijima Kou’s message is truly a foreshadowing to a dark future that lies ahead. It’s nice we’re given light and mellow moments to build the friendships he mentioned. These bonds will prove useful once the conflict kicks in. It’s great Robotics; Note is not rushing into things.



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