Weekly News Update: November 25, 2012 to December 8, 2012

Sorry I had to combine two weeks’ worth of news. Not much news on both weeks and was too busy to scavenge around.


  • Upon his discharge from the marines on December 6, Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)

greeted the press and fans with salutes and tears, announcing his happy return to civilian life, and more importantly, acting.


  • King of Dramas is in talks for a 4-episode extension. It looks promising because there’s no scheduling conflicts.
  • MBC, which announced this week that they are not only cutting their daily sitcom What Is a Mom? but getting rid of their daily sitcoms entirely. According to a senior representative, sitcoms have been on a continual downward trend, so they’ve decided not to continue with the format. In the absence of sitcom hour, MBC will eventually move up its nightly news hour from 9pm to 8pm and take over that slot. Meanwhile, in the immediate aftermath of What Is a Mom‘s cancellation, MBC is planning to air… nothing, yet. This means Mom gets all of A WEEK to wrap up its storylines; it’ll be pre-empted next Monday for election coverage, and will air its final episode on December 18. Originally given 120 episodes, now Episode 27 will be its last.
  • We’ve got new cast additions to upcoming drama Yawang, the next installment in the same manhwa series as Daemul. Joining the cast is Yunho (Poseidon), as a younger man in love with Su Ae’s character. He’s described as having an “absolute love” for her. Also joining is Kwon Hyun-sang (Vampire Prosecutor 2), who’s been cast as Kwon Sang-woo’s “little bro”. They grew up in an orphanage together. And then there’s Go Jun-hee (The Chaser), who has been cast as Kwon Sang-woo’s hyung’s girlfriend. The drama will be helmed by PD Jo Young-kwang of 49 Days and writer Lee Hee-myung of Rooftop Prince.


  • Kim Sun-ah is reportedly in talks to star in The Five, a dark revenge saga adaptation of a popular webtoon written and drawn by Jung Yeon-shik, who will be writing and directing the film version. If she signs on, she’ll play the heroine who loses her entire family at the hands of a serial killer, and sets out on a mission to get her own revenge. The lead character is a woman who watches her own husband and daughter murdered by a serial killer before her eyes, and ends up half-paralyzed herself in the attack. She manages to get away with her life, and becomes singularly obsessed with revenge. But because she’s in a wheelchair, it’s not something she can do on her own. She eventually assembles a team who all have their own reasons and vendettas, and together they form an unlikely alliance to go after a killer.
  • Ryu Seung-ryong has another movie  called The Gift of Room 7 coming out, and this time he plays Park Shin-hye’s dad in a quirky comedy about a convicted killer with the mind of a child. The movie is named for the harshest cell in a maximum security prison, where Dad becomes bunkmates with the baddest group of criminals around and turns them into a bunch of cuddly ajusshis. The cast of hardcore criminals and residents of Room 7 include Oh Dal-soo (Thieves), Kim Jung-tae(Dream High 2), Park Won-sang (Hero), and Jung Man-shik (King of Dramas). The room full of scary badasses has no idea how to deal with Ryu Seung-ryong’s character Yong-gu, but because he’s so childlike they end up taking care of him, and start to become a makeshift family. Yong-gu only has one wish to see his daughter Ye-seung, but their cell block has an absolute no-visitors policy. So Room 7 decides they’re going to make his wish come true, and thus begins the ultimate prison break project to break Ye-seung IN, so she can visit her dad. The Gift of Room 7 premieres January 24 in theaters.

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