Robotics; Note Episode 9



Episode 9 

So now Frau knows the existence of Airi as well. Knowing Kai’s nonchalant attitude, he would randomly saying in passing. Apparently, Airi was all they needed to get the right match-up with the cheaters. While these two have their “little moment,” the rest are enjoying themselves at the Yoikairi Festival which they both should have been in as well.


Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are in the festival. Subaru and Jun are so adorable. I didn’t foresee a potential pairing with them. Speaking of possible romance, Aki may have deeper feelings for Kai without realizing it. She values him a lot. Kai’s just a really nice guy who’ll do the work even though he doesn’t really want to. Well love hasn’t been the focus of this anime. But it’s fun to speculate. :3


The following day, the team along with their sponsors started working on GunPro-1. The beaming look on Aki’s face was priceless. Even though this shared dream with her sister is almost completed, it doesn’t feel that way.


She has been cold and never replies to a single mail Aki sent. It’s a bit disheartening. But the good side is that the townspeople are finally realizing the potential of GunPro-1. It’s nice to see how they can finally turn the tide on the people who used to question them. At least this will motivate Aki for the time being. I’m sure Misa will respond in the same way one day. Or not.


Well this good fortune only lasted temporarily. Even though GunPro-1 was erected, there’s still a lot of things they have adjust like the engine. As Mitchie pointed out, “Times change. Human history advances.” Technology builds on from previous technology. There’s only so much she can do without being compared to the latest gadget.


At the end of the day, there’s only a sad Aki feeling left behind. GunPro-1 is a representation and symbolism of who she is…. Someone still stuck in the past. In the end, it’s surprising to know that Misa is aware of Aki’s progress. But she just watches from afar, not caring about the piece of junk she began with.



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