Robotics; Note Episode 10

Sorry for another late post but I think this was more comprehensive than the last time 🙂


Episode 10  

It’s great how Subaru is quick to his feet. He suggested on conducting a survey to improve GunPro-1 in its initial stages. He even made a simulation for the report. There was a brief introduction of a strange repelling stone called monopole. Subaru was told about the existence of Airi. Airi said that more of these will fall down. It’s typical Aki reaction to want join in a huge discovery of the monopole.


Back to the main point of the episode, Subaru is being realistic. He tries to drive he fact to Aki that there’s no point to be obsessed with a robot that can’t even compete. He tells her it’s more practical to cooperate with Ms. Tennouji and JAXA to build a new robot. [%255BWhyNot%255D%2520Robotics%253BNotes%2520-%252010%2520%255B5326762F%255D.mkv_snapshot_13.30_%255B2012.12.15_09.59.58%255D%255B2%255D.jpg]

The group later discussed the full report for the robot trial one. It’s an adorable geeky thing to do. I was pretty amazed with the dedication that Subaru put into the robot report. Even though it doesn’t look it, he actually loves robots. He cares so much about accomplishing this. I enjoyed how they have to figure out a way to comprise certain parts and functions to make the robot move.


The solution was simple. All they needed was a PokeCom. The AR can create the illusion that makes the robot visually pleasing. Weight is the biggest problem so most part have to be scrapped if ever. Aki was deeply hurt that it didn’t follow her plans but she has to sacrifice to be able to show something to the Expo.


It was Kai who sets Aki straight with her dream. What is it really that she wants the most? What’s your dream? To go to the Expo? Or to finish Gun-Pro1? That’s when she realized that she has to build anew.


She decided to finally listen to Subaru’s advice. For her to take a step back must have been difficult. Although her choice to go to the expo first the finish Gun-Pro1 eventually was quite noble. She values going to the expo with the club. It was definitely a big decision. I felt she has matured and moved forward at last.


It was nice to know how everyone had a part in building the robot together The talents Jun and Frau, idea generator Subaru, operator Kai and catalyst Aki. As Ms. Tennouji said they are a good team despite their differences so surely it’ll work out in the end. It’s great that the team are being guided by the adults. Without them, we probably will be stuck at some point.


As for the cliff hanger, Mizuka apparently knows about Airi! What happened between them to make her hate Airi and Kijima Kou? Will the Robotics Club receive a similar fate?



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