I Am King (Korean Movie) Impressions

This is Joo Ji Hoon‘s post-army comeback film. I think this fared better than his makjang-controversy filled drama, Five Fingers. Although the margin between Lee Byung Hyun’s similar film Gwanghae was quite large, if I must say. 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Middling

Summary: Before Grand Prince Chungnyeong becomes King Sejong the Great, he places a slave in his throne and ventures outside of the palace walls. There, Grand Prince Chungnyeong experiences the life of common people and society at large.

Thoughts: This follows the Prince and Pauper to the book. It’s so predictable that I have a tendency to zone out. I was hoping for some character depth, except we only got to delve into the poverty situation. That’s not deep enough to actually care for our characters. The comedic antics were a nice touch and should have been focused on more. The camera angles were pretty good as well but the production company didn’t really invest with the lighting and other materials. Well nothing much on the story but if you’re a Joo Ji Hoon fan, I guess this is a passable movie to satisfy your sights.


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