Robotics; Note Episode 11

Episode 11

This is probably the start of the shift to the larger picture. It’s good they are linking back all the tidbits we’ve been receiving for several episodes now. We had Mizuka’s scared expression, the revelation of Kijima that the government plans to use the magnetic field of the solar storm to destroy humanity and finally the Airi’s prediction of monopole.


Apparently, there are three Kijima reports already. Frau and Kai are attempting to access them by doing some tasks around Chikura cave’s geotag. They were checking if there’s any relation to Frau’s mother. Too bad there isn’t.  Well Kai did make some progress with the cheat detection software for Kill Ballad system.


There was a brief look on Misa’s current state. She’s having problems with the failure of the powersuits. The topic why Misa ignores the calls from him was finally brought up. There is a relationship with Kijimia Kou. It was hinted that there was no way can they fight robots


There was another side plot. It focused on the making of the Gun-Pro2. Kai is very perceptive of the girl’s personalities. He is able to direct them to what would cause him to use the least energy.


Back to the Frau and Kai adventures, the Kill Ballad system was hacked once more. It was probably to warn them of more dangerous things to come. Not only that, the countdown to the solar flares are already happening. There are leaks about what’s to come.


Aki was pained to find out that robots will cause the death of humanity. Misa finally contacts Kai to tell him to forget about Kijima Kou. These hints are becoming more fearsome.



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