Weekly News Update: December 23, 2012 to December 29, 2012


  • Another cable drama has claimed the top ratings title, snatching the distinction away from Answer Me 1997 mere months after that drama hit it big with a finale of 6.03%. Now it’s the Kim Soo-hyun-written weekend family drama on JTBC, Childless Comfort, which has edged out Answer Me in its most recent broadcast on December 23, with ratings of 6.3%.
  • This coming Monday-Tuesday dramas will be pre-empted due to the end-of-year awards ceremonies scheduled to air in their time slots. Monday December 31 is the day for both KBS and SBS Drama Awards, and you can’t really air dramas while you’re trying to award dramas. That means both King of Dramas and School 2013 will be skipping their Monday broadcasts, and will resume on Tuesday, January 1.
  • King of Dramas, because of its extension, will still have one episode left to air the following week, and has decided to add a special to end on an even count. So Episode 18 airs January 7, the special on January 8. School 2013 hasn’t announced any plans to either extend or reduce their episode count, but they have time to figure that out since it’s still early on in the series.
  • Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek is slated to follow School 2013 and has been offered to Jin Gu (26 Years, Moby Dick), and though mixed reports say that Lee Jia (Me Too, Flower!, Athena) is up to co-star, her camp says she turned down the role. The 16-episode drama will be a success story about a man who’s got nothing to his name but a high school diploma and a gift for drawing. He comes up to Seoul from the countryside and starts out as the guy who hands out ads in the street, wearing those sandwich boards, and eventually he’ll fight his way to become an ad man in the other way, as a hit genius ad executive. It’ll be an uplifting story of a hardworking young man who starts out as a hopeless loser, and ends up as the best ad man in the biz. Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek is set to premiere February 4 on KBS.


  • Bandage criticized for improper title, ignores demands for change. But since the movie is already out, the Hangul police can’t demand a change retroactively, so now they’re demanding a caption be added to tell people that yes, the title is spelled wrong, we acknowledge our deliberate mistake.

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