2013 Drama Wishes

I was bored and decided to imagine some of my favorite actors and actresses in potential dramas or become possible pairings. It was pretty fun so I decided to share! 

1. Im Joo Eun

I recently finished What’s Up?, she was absolutely awesome in that drama. Oh Doo Ri was just bad ass! No one else could have played an edgier, sassier and vulnerable character than her. I’ve been wondering why they don’t give her projects. My golly, she’s talented but so criminally underrated. Her singing voice alone gives me goosebumps. Imagine if she could deliver a powerhouse scene! She’s the one who I’m dying to see the most for 2013. You can probably tell since I placed her on the top and her spiel is quite lengthy. I want to hear her sing again but an idol drama is way below her league. She needs to be a good melodrama, which shows off her acting chops. An anti-hero drama if possible or a second lead villian role (like Kang-Rim of Jeon Woo Chi). I had difficulty thinking of a possible pairing but I think Yoo Ah In or Shin Won Ho and her would pull off some good on-screen chemistry.


2. Jung Kyung Ho and Jung So Min

I’m so happy Jung Kyung Ho has returned from his military duty but why does his comeback project have to be a movie? I need to see him in a rom-com soon. He has the most adorable smile and acting to melt any girl’s heart. I think Jung So Min would be a good match. She hasn’t had the most popular dramas recently. In fact, she was utterly wasted in Standby. But you can’t deny that she has awesome chemistry with any co-star of hers. I think rom-com suits her best. So when two great stars come together, it should be a good drama more or less.


3. Lee Hyun Woo and Im Si Wan

They had some awesome bromance and created the best thing about Equator Man. The two should star in a good light-hearted school drama like Reply 1997. I think it would boost their careers. Lee Hyun Woo could have another drama pairing with Nam Ji Hyun. They were wasted in To a Beautiful You. As for Siwan, he can be paired with Lee Yoo Bi or Park Bo Young. Although it’s better with the former because they both sing and are bit green in terms of acting.


4. Song Jong Ho

Omg why is no one taking notice of his talent? I liked him enough in Princess’s Man but it was his role as Yoon Tae Woong in Reply 1997 that really won me over. I don’t think he’ll ever become first lead but second lead wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe having him paired with bigger females names such as Yoon Eun Hye or Lee Yoon Ji would help boost his career.


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